Bo Ryan Swing Offense

Bo Ryan Swing Offense

The Swing Offense is designed to beat conventional defenses and is based on
the following rules:

o Odd numbers set up on the right side of the floor
o Even numbers set up on the left side of the floor
o always takes the ball out of bounds
o should position himself in the low post, not below the block
o Anytime the ball is entered to the wing, the two players on the weakside of the floor (away from
the ball) interchange, making basket cuts
o When the ball is passed from wing to lane line, we will fade screen on the opposite side
o Any time the ball is turned or changes sides of the floor, we are going to swing a third person
ball side. We will swing the person furthest away from the ball to the low post on ball side
o We want to enter the ball into the post using a bounce pas or an overhead pass if the defender is
caught directly behind the post player. We will not throw a lob pass into the post from the wing or
the corner
o As in any good offense, we must keep good floor spacing

Descriptions of Positions | Bo Ryan Swing Offense

1 is the best ball-handler/playmaker. He doesn’t
have to score a lot, but he must make good decisions

2 is an off guard who should be a good shooter.
He must also be able to handle the ball against pressure and be a solid passer

3 is the best scorer. Often times our best player.
He should have the ability to both shoot and drive.

4 is a good rebounder. Someone who is willing to eat glass and get a lot of garbage baskets.
In our system,  always takes the ball out of bounds, so he should be a good passer.

5 best offensive post player. Size is not a requirement

You need to check out these Bo Ryan Swing Offense Notes!

Click on the pdf link to download the basketball plays:

Bo Ryan Swing Offense

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