Billy Kennedy Texas A&M Quick Hitters/BLOB/SLOB by Erick Blasing

Billy Kennedy Texas A&M

Billy Kennedy Texas A&M Quick Hitters/BLOB/SLOB by Erick Blasing

Football is king in Texas, of that there is no doubt, however, the work of college coaches around the state have basketball on the minds of many Texans. College Station is no different with the  Billy Kennedy Texas A&M Aggies currently sitting at 18-5 overall and 7-3 in the SEC. The Aggies can also boast a 4-0 record over their former conference foes from the Big XII.

Statistically the Aggies are winner as well. Through 2/4/16, the Aggies are averaging a 45.9% FG percentage while only allowing 39.8%. The Aggies also hold a 36% to 31% 3pt shooting advantage over their opponents this season.

Coach Billy Kennedy is currently in his 5th season at the helm and has the Aggies rocking. Coach Kennedy prior to College Station, served as the head coach of the Murray Racers from 2006-2011. He has also served as head coach at Centenary from 1997-1999 and at his alma-mater of Southeastern Louisiana from 1999-2005. The two time Ohio Valley Conference Coach of the Year, 2010 & 2011 has a 17 year career record of 282-240 heading into the 15-16 season.

Billy Kennedy Texas A&M

In their game with 14th ranked Iowa State during the Big XII//SEC Challenge, the Aggies came away with an impressive 72-62 victory over the Cyclones. As of 2/4/16, the Aggies sit at 8th in the AP poll and 5th in the USA Today Coaches Poll with their record of 18-3.

From this game, I found these very effective sets run by the Aggies. Hopefully they can help you and your team down the stretch. Enjoy the journey!

#1: 4 Out Ball Screen Action  –  Billy Kennedy Texas A&M
Starting in a 4 Out Look:
1 passes to trailing post 4
1 screens away for 3
5 slips to other post

4 passes to 3 on wing
4 chases pass for wing ball screen

3 runs pick and roll with 4
If roll is not open, 3 dribbles at 2
2 clears side and goes opposite corner
5 comes up for wing ball screen

3 and 5 run ball screen action
If roll is not open, 3 passes to 1
1 executes a dribble handoff with 2

After DHO with 1
4 sprints for ball screen with 2
2 looks for roll, drive, shot, 5 lifting, or 3 in corner

#2: Horns Set  –  Billy Kennedy Texas A&M
1 dribbles towards wing
5 (opposite post) steps out
1 passes to 5
4 sets back/brush screen for 1
1 cuts off screen and cuts to wing
2 walks defense towards basket

4 after screen steps out for pass
5 reverses pass to 4
4 passes to 1
2 sets back screen for 5

After back screen, 2 cuts off down screen from 4
4 slips to block after screen
1 looks for post or 2

#3: BLOB Screen the Screener  –  Billy Kennedy Texas A&M
3 sets back screen for 2
5 sets cross screen for 3
1 spaces for outlet

4 (Inbounder) has options for blocks or lob to 5

#4: BLOB 2 Stagger  –  Billy Kennedy Texas A&M
4 cuts to ballside corner
1 spaces up top

After entry pass
5 down screens for 3
3 sprints to lane line extended
4 passes to 3

5 and 4 stagger screen for 2
4 posts
5 slips to opposite block
3 looks for 2 or posts

#5: SLOB  –  Billy Kennedy Texas A&M
5 down screens for 3 and posts
1 passes to 3 if 5 is not open
On catch, 4 sprints for ball screen with 3
2 lifts to wing

Click on the pdf link to download the Billy Kennedy Texas A&M Quick Hitters/BLOB/SLOB

Billy Kennedy Texas A&M Quick Hitters/BLOB/SLOB

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