Bill Peterson – Mike Lee Coaches Clinic Notes by Coach Erick Blasing

Bill Peterson

Written by Erick Blasing

Erick and his wife reside in Baraboo, Wisconsin where he teaches social studies at Baraboo High School. In 2016, Erick will begin his first season as a Men’s Assistant for University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County, a two year campus that competes in the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference. Men’s Basketball Assistant; August 2016-Present UW-Baraboo/Sauk County, Baraboo, WI Assistant Coach Boy’s Basketball; May 2015-August 2016 Baraboo High School, Baraboo, WI Head Coach Varsity Boy’s Basketball; July 2011-May 2015 Sparta High School; Sparta, WI Tripled opportunities for K-3rd grade basketball players in 2013-2014 Led team to 4th & 7th most wins in program’s previous 20 seasons. Hired as one of the youngest head coaches in the state of Wisconsin. Varsity Assistant Girl’s Basketball; November 2009 – April 2011 La Crosse Central High School; La Crosse, WI 8th Grade Assistant Boy’s Basketball; November 2008 – December 2008 Riverside Middle School; Watertown, WI Head Coach 5th-12th Grade Boy’s Basketball; October 2006 – March 2008 Monroe County Christian School; Tomah, WI CAMP COACHING EXPERIENCE University of Wisconsin-Madison Tubby Smith Camps, University of Minnesota University of Iowa North Dakota State University Butler University University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Coach Z Hoop Camp by Don Zierdan Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook Exposure Camp Snow Valley Iowa Basketball School

January 7, 2016

Bill Peterson – Mike Lee Coaches Clinic Notes by Coach Erick Blasing

At the time of the clinic, Assistant Coach Milwaukee Bucks

Currently (15-16 season) serving his 2nd season as Head Coach for the Erie Bay Hawks, NBA D-League team of the Orlando Magic

“Every kid has a hot button”
“Gotta give each kid room for your knowledge”
“Connect don’t just communicate”
“Do your players listen or just hear you?”

Bill Peterson

Bill Peterson – Mike Lee Coaches Clinic | Ball handling/Agility Warm ups
#1 – Ball handling – always start weakhand
tennis ball work
Weak hand toss
Under/Overhand Snatch
Strong hand toss
Walk and toss – forwards and backwards
in & out dribble

#2 – Touch-Ups – hold tennis ball above your head and lay basketball on the floor
Touch ball of your feet on the basketball in a high stepping motion (similar to soccer drill)
“change” – toss tennis ball behind/pickup basketball/ triple threat and grab t-ball

#3 – Pass and Catch off a toss back
Pass and catch moving lateral
Add dribble (dbl cross over) moving lateral

#4 – Coach pass and catch tennis ball
Start facing coach with dribble – toss and catch tennis ball – let bounce once if needed
Repeat with player facing away from coach – now have to turn and catch tennis ball
Add a double move after toss to coach

Bill Peterson – Mike Lee Coaches Clinic | Daily Dozen Pre-Practice Drills: 6 drills – 2 reps each drill on both sides of the floor

“Triple threat – play with ball in the box.” Box is the area in your chest that includes your shot pocket.
Underhand Layup – Right and Left
Overhead Layup – Right and Left
Right hand reverse layup staring on the right side
Left hand reverse layup starting on the left side
1-2 shot on the block
1-2 shot on the elbow

At all times – play 2-2-2
2 hands, 2 eyes, 2 feet

Self-Toss into 1-2 step square up
1-2 turn on ball of feet – square to the hoop

Bill Peterson – Mike Lee Coaches Clinic | Cone Dribbling:
work on the balls of your feet
pound/pound/between legs
pound/pound/cross/between legs
in & out dribble
2 ball cross
add tennis ball toss into the drill as well

Coach Peterson talked about his connection with different players on the bucks roster. He introduced a speed bag into their pre-practice routine to get players better hand eye coordination. He talked about working with professional athletes and their struggle to master the speed bag regimen. Through determination and patience players were able to pick up the process.

Shooting Drill – 2 in a row
Have to make 2 shots in a row
Make = jog to opposite spot on the floor
Miss = sprint to the oppostie spot on the floor

Tight 1-2 Shot
Catch soft toss from coach – turning 1-2 shot
coach moves around the floor to change the passing angle
add 1 dribble / 2 dribbles
add 1 dribble double move
right hand 1 dribble / left hand layup

Swish 7
must swish 7 shots in a row before leaving practice
starting under the basket and moving back 1 step out to the top of the key 3pt line

Cone Slide – 2 ball – set of cones at half court/cone at wing
2 ball dribble through the cones
Make a pass to coach at wing
dribble move at wing cone and finish at the rim

Chair Drills – chair at wing and one mid-range
Start at mid-range chair – finish baseline
Dribble to wing chair – dribble move and finish at the rim

Rip ball and push dribble
Reverse pivot and push dribble
Rip and go
Reverse pivot and go

Bill Peterson – Mike Lee Coaches Clinic | Post Drills:

Quick Lay ups
Post across middle of lane
Coach will give a hard pass / post finished layup as quick as possible/no dribble

Catch Rip & T ball toss
1 hand tennis ball toss
toss ball/catch/and rip
catch with backhand
toss/turn and dunk tennis ball
Toss off backboard

Click on the pdf link to download the Bill Peterson – Mike Lee Coaches Clinic Notes:

Bill Peterson – Mike Lee Coaches Clinic Notes

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