NBA Clutch Time Set Plays

Best NBA Clutch Time Set Plays of April 2016 by John Zall

Best NBA Crunch Time Set Plays of April 2016 by John Zall

The NBA defines Clutch Time: During the 4th quarter or overtime, with less than five minutes remaining, and neither team ahead by more than five points. The best NBA Clutch Time Set Plays are a group of set plays that will give you a score that the right moment.

The OKC Thunder’s inability to execute a decent half court offense in clutch time has cropped up at the worst time. If they lose Game 7 as well, the OKC Thunder will have no one to blame, but themselves. The OKC Thunder’s story in the Game 6 loss was that Steph Curry got his MVP touch back and Klay Thompson put on one of the greatest shooting perfomances in NBA playoff history.

The OKC Thunder loss in Game 6 can be told in one single stat. Oklahoma City had 13 offensive possessions in the final five minutes of their eventual loss. Only one of those possessions featured more than one pass.

The OKC Thunder shot 5 for 19 from the field in the fourth quarter and had six turnovers in the final three minutes and 18 seconds of the game.

NBA Clutch Time Set Plays

These issues are nothing new for the OKC Thunder. They brought Billy Donovan in to replace old coach Scotty Brooks in the first place, and they help to explain how the OKC Thunder finished 18 games behind Golden State in the regular season. The difference in these NBA playoffs is that the OKC Thunder can mask their flaws with defense and using their length plus speed to run opponents off the floor.

Game 6 was an extreme example of the commone problem of the OKC Thunder, no team threw fewer passes per game than the OKC thunder this year. One the LA Lakers averaged more time per touch, according to’s player tracking data. The OKC players are holding onto the ball for longer periods of time, tossing even fewer passes and attacking via isolations more frequently in the playoffs.

The OKC Thunder are scoring 87.2 point per 100 possessions in the last five minutes of the games that are in clutch time, according to the The worst NBA offensive team in the league averaged 96.6 points per possession in the regular season and that was the Philadelphia Sixers. The OKC Thunder clutch time offense in the playbooks is nearly 10 points worse.

This is what happens when your offense is around two stars essentially taking turns. The possessions are far too easy for the Warriors to defend.

That’s what happens when your offense devolves into a system centered around your two stars essentially taking turns. This possession was far too easy for the Warriors to defend.

Now would be an ideal time to finally solve a years-long problem. If the two NBA Stars in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook share the ball in the 4th quarter with their teammates then they will win. They will lose if they don’t share the ball. It’s basically that simple.

Click on the pdf link to download the Best NBA Clutch Time Set Plays of April 2016:

Best NBA Clutch Time Set Plays of April 2016 by John Zall

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