Best After Time Out Sets NBA Finals 2015

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July 3, 2015

Best After Time Out Sets NBA Finals 2015

The NBA Finals 2015 have concluded, and the best minds in basketball were on full display. In the playoffs coaches utilize a variety of sets and counters to normal sets that they have run all year. In this post we will look at all of the After Time Out Sets and Specials that the NBA Playoff coaches used to get easy scores or create good shot opportunities The most common set was by far the “Hammer” set that has become famous from the San Antonio Spurs, as well as many counters for a throwback as well as a set by the Golden State Warriors to allow the screener to open up for a jump shot. The two best teams all season After Time Outs have been the Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors, and they did not disappoint in the postseason either. Steve Kerr had the best After Time Out set in which he had Steph Curry and Klay Thompson interchange under the rim, like floppy action. He then had one guard sprint to the wing, and the other set a backscreen for Draymond Green, it worked for a layup opportunity often. Mike Budenholzer and the Atlanta Hawks ran very nice action for Kyle Korver After Time Outs and used him as a screener to set him up for shots as well as open up others.

This breakdown will take you through what each team ran in the postseason After Time Outs, as well as multiple sets that teams shared. Often NBA teams run similar action, and a couple of plays stood out from this postseason, one of which being a “Stack” Pick and Roll set in which two players are stacked together near the top of the free throw line, and then after the first player sets a ballscreen, he rolls to the rim and the second player *typically a guard* lifts and pulls his defender away from help.

Kawhi Leonard

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Best After Time Out Sets NBA Finals 2015

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