Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays

Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays

Written by Coach Peterman

I have coached at the NCAA Division 2 (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), NAIA (USAO), and JUCO Levels (Blinn College and Carl Albert State College) as well as high school. I just felt that fellow coaches especially young coaches need to constantly work on their “game”. Just like the basketball players that we coach. We as coaches need to improve ourselves. That is my story and why I do this blog.

July 23, 2016

Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays by Gibson Pyper

Ben Jacobsen is one of the most creative coaches in the NCAA when it comes to half court sets and counters. Out of one basic action, he can have 5 plays and 5 counters and a counter to each of those counters. By adding little tweaks to the normal actions and even the counters built in, he always keeps the defense off balance.

Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays

Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays: Lob Special

Princeton set that starts with some false motion with the player you want to receive the big on the elbow and receives a pass with cutters off him. After giving the ball back to the guard the 2 man swings the ball back across to the point guard and dives to the rim, triggering the 4 man in the corner to cut inside as well. The 5 man turns and cuts off a double backscreen for a lob to the rim. This set is typically run after time out and for a good athlete in certain situations.

UNI Rip Elevator special

Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays: Iverson Fan

With one of the better players in the country last year in Seth Tuttle, Ben Jacobsen could get creative with his sets and utilize his ability to step outside and score in different ways. A guard “Iverson” or “Loop” cuts over the top of both bigs at the elbows to the opposite wing and receives a pass. Point guard then cuts through to the ballside corner and clears as 3 follows behind again off both bigs as a designed curl cut to the rim. After the 3 man clears the first big turns and sets a fan screen for the 5 man looking to flare out to the wing and look to get a shot. This is great for a smaller team or teams that have stretch bigs or have a mismatch against slower opponents.

UNI Iverson lob

Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays: Chin & Chin Special

This is a typical chin set with a guard dribble hand off on the wing high and a weakside exchange with a down screen on opposite guard. 2 man then passes across to the guard you want to attack off the pick and roll with, as 5 steps up for a backscreen for 2. As 2 clears, 5 then sets a ballscreen for the guard with the ball, and run a spread pick and roll to look to attack off of. If you want to run this for a right handed player, you can just flip the action and it will get the player attacking to his strong hand.

The counter to this set is designed for teams who guard the pick and roll aggressively or teams that hard hedge/trap the pick and roll. Instead of stepping up and setting the ballscreen, he takes one hard step and slips to the rim. As the big slips to the rim the guard takes one retreat dribble and passes to the wing quickly who then hits the big diving to the rim.

uni lob special

Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays: Rip

Normally after a time out or in need of a score, they set up this backscreen special set to try and get a quick layup. 1 dribble hands off to 2 on the wing and then come off a backscreen from 4. 4 then opens up to the wing and receives a pass back from 2, at the same time 1 continues inside and sets a backscreen for 5. The key to this set is timing, when 4 opens up to the wing, 1 needs to be finding the man he is set up to screen quickly to free up the 5 man for a layup.


Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays: Rip Elevator Counter

The same exact set as Rip, but instead of setting a backscreen for 5 the point guard takes a hesitation step and sprints through elevator doors. 5 & 3 both come into the mid post area to set the screen for the point guard to try and get him open for a shot.

Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays: Rip Elevator Special

I spoke about counters to a counter, and this is a great example of that. After Northern Iowa sets up a team with the backscreen set that is covered, they run the elevator counter. Instead of cutting through elevator doors the point guard continues out to the wing and receives the reversal pass from 5. After the ball is reversed, 3 cuts inside and then sprints through elevator doors to the top of the key. Building sets with counters that can be built in – either as reads or called counters has been key to Ben Jacobsen and Northern Iowa’s great offense.

UNI Rip Elevator special

Click on the pdf link to download the Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays:

Ben Jacobsen Northern Iowa Set Plays

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