Basketball Video Playbook | NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16 Preview – Part 2

Basketball Video Playbook | NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16 Preview – Part 2 by Wes Kosel

The second group of 8 teams will play on Friday, all four being intriguing matchups. This side of the bracket is a little messier with Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Syracuse, and Gonzaga making it through, but still traditional “big basketball” names are left. The matchups are very intriguing starting with the matchup of North Carolina vs. Indiana. Historically, these are two of the best basketball programs in the country. If Indiana can pull it off, they will have had to defeat Kentucky and North Carolina (two of the biggest basketball powerhouses). The Wisconsin/Notre Dame game will be a lot of fun, as both teams survived on last second plays to make it to the Sweet 16. Virginia and Iowa State put two teams with opposite philosophies against each other. Virginia is a defensive team and Iowa State is an offensive juggernaut. Last, two double digit seeds in Syracuse and Gonzaga will play for a spot in the Elite 8. Both teams have a lot to prove. Gonzaga probably wouldn’t have made the tournament if not for winning the West Coast Conference Tournament, and Syracuse was almost left out as an at-large bid.

 Sweet 16 Preview preview 4

NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16 Preview:   North Carolina Tarheels

North Carolina faced off against one of the best #16 seeds we have seen in Florida Gulf Coast. However, the Tarheels quieted all the people who were saying it could be the year that a #1 goes down with an easy win. Roy Williams and his Tarheels then easily beat Providence in the second round proving that they are on a mission to get back to the Final Four.

Pinch Post Drift

UNC used this play against Providence in the NCAA Tournament. The left side is emptied out with 5 going to the pinch post. The guard then acts as if he is cutting around for a handoff but instead pops out for a shot.

Click here to download the PDF! UNC Pinch Post Drift

NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16 Preview:  Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana was expected to have a harder time with Chattanooga, but handled the Mocs easily. In the second round, the Kentucky/Indiana matchup was everything as fans we wanted. It was a close game with the Hoosiers winning over John Calipari’s Wildcats. Indiana has the skills to play with the Tarheels, but do they have the speed to keep up with them for the duration of the game?

Horns Roll Down

Here is a set play used by Indiana against Kentucky. The first screener rolls into the lane and the second screener sets a down-screen for the player who just rolled.

Click here to download the PDF! Indiana Horns Roll Down

NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16 Preview:  Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The Irish had quite a difficult road getting to the Sweet 16. They first faced off against Michigan, who many thought had a good shot to knock off Mike Brey’s team. In the second round, it looked like Notre Dame was going to be the victim of SFA’s cinderalla run, but a last second tip in on an offensive rebound sent Notre Dame dancing into the Sweet 16.

Zipper Flare Wheel

Here is a set play used by Notre Dame in the game against Stephen F. Austin. The Irish use a zipper cut/flare cut combo to get into a wheel motion.

Click here to download the PDF! Notre Dame Zipper Flare Wheel

NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16 Preview:  Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin had won both games by grinding out low scoring battles. Many thought that the Badgers wouldn’t get past Pitt, but did so in a 47-43 slug fest. Against #2 seed Xavier, Wisconsin held it close and got two huge shots by Koenig to tie and win the game.

Wisconsin Game Winner

Wisconsin won the game on the SLOB play against Xavier. The play starts in a diamond and moves in a circle. The Badgers hit Koenig on the wing for the game winning shot.

Click here to download the PDF! Wisconsin Game Winner

NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16 Preview:   Virginia Cavaliers

Virginia beat Hampton easily then hung on against Butler to make it to the Sweet 16. The Iowa State matchup is intriguing because it puts the defensive minded Cavaliers against the offensive powerhouse Cyclones.

Flex Stagger Curl

Virginia used this set against Butler in the Round of 32. They throw to the post man after setting the flex screen and run the cutter off of a staggered screen on the weak side.

Click here to download the PDF! Virginia Flex Stagger Curl

NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16 Preview:   Iowa State Cyclones

The Cyclones are down this year with the change of head coaches right? Wrong… The Cyclones are back in the Sweet 16 and look to take down Virginia with their high powered offense. Niang will be a tough matchup for the Cavaliers, as he has been a tough matchup for everyone the last four years.

Reverse UCLA PNR

Iowa State used this play to invert the post and guards having Morris set a UCLA screen and then popping out. Once Morris gets the ball, McKay is there for the ball-screen.

Click here to download the PDF! Iowa State Reverse UCLA PNR

NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16 Preview:   Syracuse Orange

Syracuse almost didn’t make the tournament, but Coach Boeheim has the Orange playing well and in the Sweet 16. Syracuse beat Dayton and Middle Tennessee State fairly easily, but will have a much tougher matchup with Gonzaga.

Spread Drag Iso

Syracuse used this play against Middle Tennessee State to get their 4 man on the right wing in an isolation situation. The Orange run a drag screen and pop the 4 man to the right wing where he has room to work.

Click here to download the PDF! Syracuse Spread Drag Iso

NCAA Tournament – Sweet 16 Preview:   Gonzaga Bulldogs

Gonzaga beat Seton Hall easily in the first round and surprised everyone by absolutely dismantling Utah in the second round. The Zags were almost out of the tournament too, but are playing well now that they are in.

Horns Push Back Door

Gonzaga used this play to get an open layup against Utah. Against a team that pressures passing lanes, push the dribble towards the wing and send the player on a back cut. The horns set opens up the floor to give room to make the pass.

Click here to download the PDF! Gonzaga Horns Push Back Door


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