Basketball Tips on Man Defense | Lon Kruger 2010 Nike Tunica Clinic Notes

Basketball Tips on Man Defense by Lon Kruger

Here are some basketball tips from OU Head Men’s Basketball Coach Lon Kruger. Coach Kruger’s goal is to win every possession on defense. He will unpack his defensive transition package with a set of full court drills and show how he communicates assignments on the fly. These basketball tips from Coach Kruger will show you the practice drills that he uses to work on eliminating the dribble penetration, deny the passing lane, and trap the post player. Coach Lon Kruger will share his drills for recovering from double teams in the post. He will also show you his basketball tips on how to defend cuts, screens and scoring post players.

You will receive an extensive lesson on defending ball screens that will solidify your defense and limit dribble penetration and pick and pop shots. His multi-purpose shell drill will show you the coverage for any offensive strategy or play. Coach Lon Kruger’s 2010 Nike Tunica Basketball Clinic Notes are full of basketball tips that will drastically improve your team’s ability to dominate the defensive end of the floor.

Lon Kruger will continue to build the OU basketball program into a contender within the Big XII conference and nationally. He just needs to find the right guys to fit his system and the chemistry of the team.

A lot of the older coaches remember him as Lonnie, Jack Hartman’s point guard at Kansas State 40 years ago. The younger ones know him as a good coach. You will learn a lot of basketball tips from these basketball coaching notes. Coach Lon Kruger is a really good college basketball coach. Good Schools have always kept hiring him and now we know how good that he is here at OU.

Click on the pdf link to download the basketball tips on man defense:

Basketball Tips on Man Defense by Lon Kruger

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