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Keys to succeeding in basketball

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If you want your team to become basketball experts, you must follow these keys to success:

  • Must develop a tough defense

If you want to be a recognized team, you must develop an excellent defense.

  • You must decide who will push the ball

This is an important decision that you must make as a coach; you must determine which players are the ones who should push the ball in the game. There are two options:

  1. Exit to the team owner to start the quick jump.
  2. Any player pushes the ball from a steal or a defensive rebound.


  • You must instill a quick break mentality

Possibly this is one of the most important aspects of defense, being able to instill a quick break mentality in the players. As a coach, you must teach your players to run fast on the court, but they must not shoot fast.

If you can get your team to run faster and faster, you can create a transition advantage every third possession.

  • It is better to pass rather than haggle

A very easy and simple way with which you can improve your transition game is to pass the ball through the half-court in any way possible. You, as a coach, should know that the ball moves faster using the pass than with dribbling.

You should use this advantage to develop the routine of going through the defense line on your team to achieve separation from the defense.

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