Basketball Set Plays | Chris Holtmann Butler Bulldogs Sprint to Screen Action by Dana Beszczynski

Chris Holtmann Butler Bulldogs

Written by Dana Beszczynski

Coach Beszczynski brings over twenty years of basketball coaching experience to Men’s Basketball HoopScoop. To date, he has worked at all levels of basketball, from High School and from the Collegiate Ranks to the Professional level in Europe. As a leader, Coach Beszczynski emphasizes that his program is built on the principles of hard work, dedication, and no one person is more important than the team. Coach Beszczynski has a very diverse coaching background. He is known for his individual development of post players, scouting & film breakdown, motivation, and game preparation. At the present time, Coach Beszczynski is the 2nd Asst to the 1st team & U19 Head Coach.

March 24, 2016

Basketball Set Plays | Chris Holtmann Butler Bulldogs Sprint to Screen Action by Dana Beszczynski

The Chris Holtmann Butler Bulldogs weren’t able to pull off the first round matchup against Tony Bennett and Virginia. That doesn’t mean that they don’t run great set plays that you can learn from.

Chris Holtmann’s name has come up for the Pitt Head Basketball Job. Coaches have moved out of Butler to higher paying, more prestigious jobs for 15 years and one good reason. They know how to win there. Barry Collier is the inventor of the Butler way and coach the basketball team to it’s first extended success. He left for Nebraska and it didn’t work out, but they brought him back as Athletic Director.

I think that you don’t mess with happy. Look at Mark Few at Gonzaga, he isn’t messing with “happy”. The Big East is a gaunlet, but the ACC is totally different. Year in and year out, you are competing with Duke, North Carolina, Louisville, Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Virginia, meaning that you need serious talent to win there. The kind of talent that means impact players and Jamie Dixon couldn’t get them there.

Chris Holtmann Butler Bulldogs

Cash alone can’t be the reason that Chris Holtmann leaves for Pitt. Usually when you leave for cash then it ends up being a mistake that results in regret.

Chris Holtmann isn’t in Brad Stevens shadow. Brad Stevens was — and is — a big deal at Butler after leading the Bulldogs to back-to-back national championship games. His teams’ successes will be forever remembered at Hinkle Fieldhouse. But, Holtmann has succeeded to the extent that no one is pining for Brad Stevens. Holtmann is retaining what made Butler special while evolving the program into a force in the Big East.

Butler can compete in the Big East. Butler cant attract the combination of basketball and education in their players. They have great kids going to Butler.

Basically , you don’t mess with “happy”. What’s better than a bounce in your step when you get to work? Nothing professionally equals the great feeling of working at a place where everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Click on the pdf link to download the Chris Holtmann Butler Bulldogs Sprint to Screen Action:

Chris Holtmann Butler Bulldogs Sprint to Screen Action by Dana Beszczynski

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