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Basketball Questions to ask: (Volume 3) What is the number one thing that you are struggling with right now?

Basketball Questions to ask: What is the number one thing that you are struggling with right now?

Basketball Questions to ask: My answers to everyone’s email! Tonight is the last in the series of what coaches are struggling with this week. I am doing my best to help out everyone with the assistance that you need. If you need more help then feel free to email me. I respond to every email that I get.

Basketball Questions to ask: Varsity girls – we consistently start flat. Have trailed after 1 quarter in 18 of 19 games. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Any thoughts?

Answer: Is your team suited to press? I have had teams that had a hard time getting started too. We pressed to get them up and down the court. It seems to help them get aggressive.

I personally loved the Bruce Pearl Press

I am not talking about pressing all the time, but doing it at the start might get their motor going for you.  Plus, it would be a nice switch up.

Basketball Questions to ask:  I think my team is struggling with morale and needing a reason or something to play for.

Answer:  Have you ever just taken a day off to work on morale?  Maybe have a dodgeball competition.  Split up into groups for it.  Take them bowling.  See an inspirational movie.  You need to remind them of why they play basketball. It’s to have fun and be with friends.  Figure out a way to ignite that passion again. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is some kind of team building.  Just a thought for you.

Basketball Questions to ask:  We always seem to struggle with full court pressure defense- in particular full denial man.
Have tried numerous press breakers but am always looking to add!

Answer:  Here are a couple press breakers for you:  Vs Run and Jump press

Another press break:  Bill Self Kansas Pressbreaker

I hope that those two press breaks give you a couple ideas.

Basketball Questions to ask: 3-2 and 1-2-2 zones. We are struggling scoring against them.

Answer:  Here some links to attack the 3-2 zone:  Tom Crean Zone attack

Here is a Ben Jacobsen zone play vs. 3-2 zone

Duke Zone play versus 1-2-2 zone

Tom Izzo Quick hitter vs 1-2-2 zone

Basketball Questions to ask:  My players not having any basketball IQ. My JV girls high school basketball team struggle with reading a defense and rely on me to make play calls all the time. And when a play doesn’t work, they get frustrated. Rather than see the opportunity to set a screen they just stand in one spot. We only have seven players so doing a scrimmage is hard. But when we practice we go 3v3

Answer:  I truly feel for you having to go 3 vs 3.  Have you thought about a scrimmage with the boy’s Jv bottom members?  It would give you the opportunity to go 5 on 5.  What kind of man offense do you run?  I would go set plays with a girls basketball team.  I think that you would see their basketball IQ pick up when they know what is coming for them.

Basketball Questions to ask: Turnovers vs half court traps
Answers:  Here is a post from a good friend of mine:  Vs Half court traps
I will do my best to find you more material out there.
Basketball Questions to ask: 1.  we are a small team with a true pivot player.   we are quick and can shoot ( 11-1) record ranked 2nd in our state.  We have yet to face a true big man— but in playoffs and state tournament we will. How do we handle this problem.    2.   we have a player who plays for himself and not team—we are only six deep.  Beat our crosstown rival but he cost us 6 points by penetration and trying to do it himself. Got 2 turnovers and a charge.
Answer:  What do you do offensively?  I would work on drawing those post players that you face outside and draw them away from the basket.  Just a thought.  I will have to do some research on how to attack that problem for you.
Personally, I would sit that player down for a bit.  The biggest way to show him that you mean business is playing time. If that isn’t a solution.  Get him watching video.  Show him how he is hurting the team.  That’s a very tough problem.
Basketball Questions to ask:  I am currently coaching a team that is underachieving.  Coming into this year, I knew we would have a tough time scoring since we lost our two two scorers that were 4 year starters, and I also lost a three year starter before the season with an ACL tear during football.  Most of our games have been close but we are struggling in two areas.  The first is coming out to start the game and second half.  I don’t think we have the best warm up routine and we are always seeming to change it.  Any ideas for warm ups before both parts?  Also we are horrible at shooting free throws.  We shoot them a few different ways during practice, probably shooting free throws for 10 minutes a practice in total.  I have recently has a mini stroke and have missed the last two weeks, and also have at least two more weeks of recovery.  This will give us 5 games together before playoffs.  My return game is also a game day, so basically 4 games.   I look forward to reading your post every week.
Answer:  Coach, I am very sorry to hear about your stroke.  I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
Have you tried to press at the very first of games and at half-time?  I am not saying that you go crazy with it.  I always found that if you start aggressive on defense then it engages the players more.  I can find any press that you want to look at for you.
Free throws: Have them shoot free throws on their own.  I would have some time of competiton or reward for making free throws.  I have broken up practice into 4 sections and at the end of every section.  They shoot 5 minutes of free throws and run for the miss ones.

Basketball Questions to ask:  Consistent Free Throw shooting.

We average going to the line 26 times per game and average 15 makes. I have watched each player in practice and/or games and tweaked their shot, their stance, their hands, body, etc.  We shoot lots of free throws in practice—after running; after being pressed; after 1-on-1 play—free throws in succession; pressure free throws, a variety of times simulating game situations—sometimes they do well, sometimes not.

Then in a game  1- may go 9-9 one game and 6-11 another and others as well.
Answer:  Coach, you aren’t going to like my answer.  You are doing everything that I can think of to do.  Keep working hard with them.  There is only so much that you can do.  Here are some possible solutions for you.
Basketball Questions to ask:  The number one thing I struggle with as a coach is developing a chart of what I want to accomplish for the season…. how do you fit everything you want your players to learn in a season into your daily practices especially if you are coaching alone. Examples post moves, dribbling progressions, rebounding, secondaries, situational plays for end game plays to half-court for Slob to win game, 3 point play to win, etc. Do you have a master plan you use to fit your season into your daily practices….hope I’m making sense….. I’ve coach at many levels all boys teams…but still get frustrated at end of season on some things I wish I could have taught my guys.
Answer:  You make total sense.  I think that we have all felt like that one season or another.  I have had several great coaches tell me:  Focus on three things.  What do you want your team known for?  You can’t be good at everything.  There isn’t enough time in the day or a practice.

Basketball Program Development Series – ORGANIZATION & PLANNING

Basketball Questions to ask:  My team is struggling to consistently shoot the ball and score. Shot selection is good, right guys Shooting from the right spots, just can’t get them to fall.

Answer:  What type of offense are you running?  Motion or Set Plays?  Do you shoot mid-range shots?  I am just wondering what the right spots are.  I will need more information to help you out.

Basketball Questions to ask: They were 4 girls that provided 85% of the scoring that season. Very demanding, very tough and could be overbearing to the younger class men. My thoughts were that the under class men wasn’t ready to step up to the plate and play at that level. They don’t understand what it takes to win and compete at a high level.

Right now I have one senior (sophomore at the time) who was a huge part of our state tournament run. She feels that she needs to put the team on her back. After that I have a lot of freshman and sophomores who are inexperienced and don’t have the commitment to work in the offseason.
Answer:  Experience is huge as you know.  I am sure that your Senior understands how you have to play, but it’s going to be hard for those younger kids to understand.  That is a tough one.  I don’t have an answer for you, but I am going to ask all the coaches that read this post to email and give you some help.  I have never been in that situation.


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