Basketball Program Development Series – “Public Relations – Bringing Others Into the Family”

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Basketball Program Development Series – “Public Relations – Bringing Others Into the Family”

While most coaches browse the Internet, coaching DVD’s, and books looking for the magic formula on the offensive or defensive end to bring their programs success, they neglect a very important part…Public Relations!

Of course you must be a quality X’s & O’s person to run a successful program, but you also need more than just the standard “basketball coaching” checklist. If you are successful everyone adores and respects you, but what about those down years where you still work your butt off and you just don’t have the horses to win many races? Do those people still adore you and sing your praises as a coach? Fans are fickle and have a short memory. “What have you done for us lately Coach?”…Well I have figured out that public relations and acts of integration and thoughtfulness go a long way in building a respect and adoration beyond what you do on the scoreboard.

Although we do many different things within our program to endear our players and program in the hearts of the community and fans, one that I am sharing today is our Basketball Program Christmas Party. I am attaching one of the actual letters that is given out to all of our players and cheerleaders to take home to their families. This was a huge success…and it has paid HUGE dividends in winning supporters of our program that have never even had a child play basketball for us. It is a way to bring people together in fellowship and fun, while at the same time building positive “PR” for our program. A win-win for us!

Now I know that most coaches come to sites to see plays, drills, motivation and the like, but I truly feel that building a wide base of support truly helps a coach in the longevity category. Endearing yourself to the fan base because you are more than just a “basketball coach” in their eyes will help you weather any storms of discontent that may arise in the future. It is never a bad thing to have an army of supporters to go to bat for you when times are tough…and if you can find ways to grow that support by doing things to bring more and more people into your “basketball family”, you will be sitting in a spot that most coaches would give their left arm for!

Hopefully this will aid in igniting the “Public Relations” fire inside you. Use your creativity, adapt things to meet your needs, or steal what you can…either way, just don’t neglect the “other” important parts of your coaching job!

Best Swishes!

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Click on the pdf link to download the Basketball Program Development Christmas Letter:

Basketball Program Development Series – “Public Relations – Bringing Others Into the Family”

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