The 2013 Champions Classic is a basketball playbook we recently released. Me and my team have attended carefully the games during the 2013 Champions Classic and have filled our playbooks with first-rate basketball plays that we now offer to all professional coaches. The most important is that the basketball plays included in this playbook come from four completely different coaching programs which are dominant in current basketball and are going to affect youth basketball in the near future. I actually watched these games as a sample of what is going to follow in the field of basketball coaching. In my opinion, Duke, Kansas University, Michigan State and Kentucky are four of the most interesting basketball coaching programs all over the world right now, and every coach striving to take a seat in the world of professional basketball coaching has to watch these and get the most out of them.

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If you are looking for plays that implicate spacing, drive and kick principles, ball screen actions, a balanced perimeter and post game and early offense then this basketball playbook is exactly what you are looking for. Duke, Kansas, Michigan State and Kentucky are currently four of the strongest college teams in the country with four of the best basketball coaches running their program. Coach Krzyzewski recently have made the 900th win with Duke University and this is an achievement that not many coaches have done.

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If you run a college, high school or middle school team, then with the 2013 Champions Classic Playbook is what you need to be ahead your opposition. Basketball coaches all over the world have already got this, as this has been the best-seller of January 2014. It’s been offered to my email list and a big number of coaches have already bought it. Most of them have implemented it to their basketball teams and we’ve already got some really flattering comments on our work. It’s now available for only $19.99, which is a fraction of its actual value.

The 2013 Champions Classic Playbook

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