2-1-2 Flex Offense Notes

The flex offense is utilized in all levels of basketball, and there have been many variations of this offense. The base cuts of this modified 2-1-2 Flex Offense is the “Flex Cut” and “UCLA” back screen. As with the other flex offenses, players need to be able to make reads on defensive overplays. Also, as a coach, you will have to decide if you want to “head hunt” the defense when you screen or screen an area and have your cutters rub the screen. Either way, the offensive cutter and the screener are going to have to work together in order to get open looks. If the cutter is not going to allow the screener to get set, you are going to run into some timing issues.

Being that this is a continuity offense, all 5 players need to be able to play all the positions on the floor. Therefore, your post players are going to have to be able to play on the perimeter and your guards are going to have to be able to in the post. Allowing time for individual development is therefore vital to the success of this offense.

In this offense, every time a player catches the ball, he needs to use the Rim Post Action philosophy. On the catch, players should look to shoot or drive (Rim), dump the ball in the post (Post), or make a ball reversal pass (Action).

Spacing is also critical in this offense. You will want to spread the defense so that there is more room for cutting and penetration. When players dribble penetrate, the other players are going to have to move to open penetration lanes and to make themselves available for kick outs and post feeds. These basketball coaching notes talk about the basic set-up, the ucla cut, continuity cuts and defensive reads.

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Basketball Offenses | 2-1-2 Modified Flex Offense



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