Basketball Coaching testimonial

Coach Peterman’s website is a place I have made sure to check daily for the last three and a half years.  It is always giving coaches useful information that they can implement with their teams.  Coach P has been very generous in the amount of information he has given me and many other coaches.  The wealth of material I have received from him has allowed me to grow both in knowledge and passion for coaching the game.  The daily diagrams his website provides show the newest and most innovative sets currently being run in the NBA and college.  His e-books give an in-depth look into any one of a variety of topics.  I make sure to check his video and book reviews before I make any new purchases for my library.  Coach P has given me so much and has always asked for very little in return.  If you follow his website, your coaching career and your teams will be much better for it.  I believe it is the best basketball coaching resource on the web.

Parker Windhorst
Assistant Coach
Massac County High School

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