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Looking for partners

Coaches, is seeking for affiliates. If you own a website or any other kind of basketball coaching business and think that you can sell any of my playbooks or packages, please let me know and I  will send you a list of all the products that you can promote. The affiliate fee will not… Continue Reading

Attention Football Coaches who also coach Basketball | Football Coaching Clinic Notes, Dvds, and Playbooks

Coaches, If you are a Football coach and also coach Basketball then I need you to pay attention.  I am looking for Football Coaching Clinic Notes, Football Coaching Dvds, and Football Coaching Playbooks. These will be published in my football coaching website: American Football CoachingI am willing to open up my basketball coaching playbooks and… Continue Reading

Attention Football Coaches: Looking for Football Coaching Clinic Notes, Install Cut-Ups, Football Dvds, and Football Playbooks

Coaches, I know that I have a ton of Football Coaches that also coach basketball on this website.  I am looking for football coaching clinic notes, Football Cut-up Clips, Football Coaching Dvds, and Football playbooks. I will open my basketball coaching vault to you and help you out.  I really need your help finding this… Continue Reading