The Formula for Success

94S + 47 3’s + 33%OR + 25SD + 32 TO’s = W

The “Formula for Success” has beeing around for a long time in the basketball coaching community.  Grinnell Collge has attempted 94 shots from behind the arc, offensively rebound 33% of their missed shot attempts, have taken 25 more shots than their opponent.  Their defense has forced 32 turnovers and they have won nearly 95% of their games.  Grinnell College does all five of these goals in slightly over 1/3 of their games.

Dave Arseneault has used different basketball coaching strategies to accomplish these goals over the years.  They use to use a new group of five players for 2.5 minutes at a time using playing shifts like in hockey.  The playing shifts have been reduced over the past couple years and is now a regular practice to replace all five players on the first whistle after 35 seconds has come off the game clock.  Using two playing groups of eight players, these players make basketball plays all the time since they know that they will be coming off the court soon.

It really doesn’t matter about the length of shifts or number of groups that are used.  The only way to accomplish all of the five goals is this way.  Your team must be committed to getting a shot off and getting back every 12 seconds.

We have some basketball coaching material on the Grinnell College “Running Game”for you today.  Even if you don’t run this system, you need to take a look at this great basketball coaching material.



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Basketball Coaching | Learn the Grinnell College Running System |  Dave Arseneault Grinnell College Running System

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