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What gets you the next basketball coaching job? by Tom Kelsey

What gets you the next basketball coaching job? By Tom Kelsey

It may not be what you think.

Your resume won’t get you the basketball coaching job, or work experience, or job references, or where you went to school, or knowledge of your sport.

What will get you the job is a combination these five key areas. You want to get the interview first.

Your resume gives you a starting point to get in the door.

Your experience shows how well you can handle tasks and roles.

Your references can solidify your qualifications.

Your education shows you have the mental capability to do the job.

Your knowledge of your sport earns you respect.

A key to landing the job during the interview process is showing you have a plan. The plan should demonstrate how you will attack the basketball coaching job.

You are not trying to reinvent the wheel. You are not changing how a company or school operates. You are not going to come in a make massive changes (unless necessary).

Here is an idea for you: Show your plan, what you have done, what you can do and where you can help in your role.

I once asked a committee member a couple of days after interviewing how I came across to the group. I wanted reassurance I did fine, and the committee was undoubtedly impressed. The comment back was, “Well, you didn’t have a plan”.

This was not the answer I expected. You mean I didn’t make a great impression and leave everyone spellbound?

I did have a plan in my mind. But I did not communicate effectively or with confidence. Usually, I would get defensive or upset when hearing this kind of comment whether it be negative or constructive. The person on the other end of the conversation did not mean or rude Just matter of fact. “You didn’t have a plan”.

When you are going in for an interview, have a plan.

Here are some ways you can put together a presentation packet for your next job. Having been a head coach and athletic director, I know what people in the hiring positions are thinking.

Visiting with those in the hiring position or members of search firms I like to ask, “What got your attention with this candidate?” or “What set this candidate apart from the rest?”

Whether hiring for a basketball camp, staff members or assistant coaches I know what works for me. I like organization. I like seeing a well-crafted presentation. I liked being able to see what a candidate can do and has done in the past.

If you are going for a job and would like to see what others do, I put together templates to assist in your process. Trying to get an assistant coaching job at either the high school or college level or a head basketball coaching job in high school and college here are ideas to get you started. You can click on the links below.

We all need an ally. Someone to be a cheerleader, promoter, agent, or coach helping us toward our goal. An ally is one who comes beside you for no other reason than to help. Make sure to get the assistance of someone you know well and who knows you well to help with the idea process. Good to have another set of eyes looking over your work.

If you sometimes get bogged down with projects or putting together something on the computer pay for help. You can outsource the work to someone else for a low cost.

You can go to Upwork – Hire Freelancers & Get Freelance Jobs Online  or Fivver to get help.

These are excellent resources to put together your resume or presentation packet.

Having someone do the work gives you another edge. They may put things together and phrase wording you have never considered. They also have worked with graphics, logos, and artwork to make your material look even better.

Also, you can find a student or someone through a local school who does these jobs.

As you use these templates as examples, make sure to insert your personality.

Again, these are taken from looking over many resumes and helping coaches refine their message. Over the years, I have seen coaches put together outstanding work. Take the time to get it right and craft for the job you want.

Even if you are not presently trying to get a job, this can be a good exercise to get down your thoughts and philosophies on paper. We never know when an opportunity may come up, and the best option is being prepared.

When you have a basketball coaching job in mind, do the little things. Each position has different expectations.

When using one of the templates make sure to gear the information to your prospective job. Use the school logo, team nickname; the correct school colors will add a personal touch to set you apart.

The packet will not get you the job you want by itself. Remember you are trying to present your total package.

What does someone get when they hire you?  What are you bring to them?

The packet is one additional way to give you a big leg up on the competition.

My good friend author Jeffrey Marx says the original definition “coach” was taken from the 1500’s in England. The definition referred to a carriage and said, “Taking someone of importance from where the are presently to where they need to be, want to be or ought to be going”.

Your packet shows how you can take a company/coach/school/program where they need to be, want to be, or ought to be going.

All the best in your quest to land the next basketball coaching job.


Power Point for Assistant Coach in High School (3)

Power Point for Assistant Coach in College

Power Point for Head Coach in High School 2

Power Point for Head Coach in College (1)

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