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Basketball Coaching Interview Tips by TJ Saint

Interview to show the Inner You

This week has felt like it has lasted about 10 years. Over the past week I’ve had 3 interviews with 2 more coming next week. As expected, each one is a little different in its own right because the positions I have sought are different and the interviewer(s) are different as well.

I didn’t attempt to practice any possible questions for the interviews. I also didn’t enter the “hot seat” with an interviewee mind frame. I went in with the focus that I was about to have a conversation about something that I want to do and love very much. For me, this simplified everything and allowed me to establish my philosophy on specific questions. I will give a “shout out” to Clemson graduate assistant, Adam Gordon, for the interview piece he wrote about a JUCO job this past fall. He stated that the opening of the interview gave him free reign to go anywhere he chose. Ironically, in my first interview this week, that is exactly the direction it went. In my mind as the statement was being made I was kind of chuckling, but was prepared to take the conversation in the route I did.

Some examples of some questions are listed below:

-Explain your philosophy on coaching and teaching?
-What type of listening and learning abilities are we going to see from you?
-How do you team build?
-Discuss some literature you choose to read to help you with your skill level?

Probably the biggest asset I used in each interview was to show how this particular job was not only going to better the program from me being a part of it, but how I was going to use this job as another piece of the cornerstone of what I plan to accomplish one day. Being completely honest and not with holding anything really allowed for a mental/emotional appeal to each interviewer (I know this because they told me after the interview).

All in all, you have to have forward looking in knowing what you want to do and why. Don’t be afraid to share your greatest ideas with others. Everyone has individual dreams so you WILL standout.

**If anyone wants video of a particular drill or play please e-mail me or find my twitter as I will post a short video next week pertaining to what other coaches want.


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