Basketball Camp Drills by Chris Filios

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Basketball camp season is here! It is time for both kids and coaches to develop and sharpen their skills. There are tons of good, quality camps out there. Growing up on the west coast, two of my favorite camps that I attended as a kid were: Snow Valley Basketball Camp and Point Guard Basketball College. 

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I think there are some main qualities that make a good camp…

  1. Constant player activity 

A sign of a good basketball camp is one where the campers are constantly active. There is very little standing. They are always engaged and involved with what is going on. There is nothing worse than standing in line waiting your turn. Drills should be designed so that players have a ball in their hands the majority of the time when working offensive skills. 

  1. Lots of reps

This ties into point #1. Players should be getting as many quality repetitions as possible. The best way to learn and get better is through practice. They can learn by watching and listening but no better way to get better at something than to practice it. 

  1. Skill development focus

The camp should have a skill development focus. It should be teaching fundamentals and skills. It should not just be playing games the whole time. There is certainly need to balance between skill development and competitive games, but the focus of the camp needs to be skill growth. 

  1. Positive atmosphere

A basketball camp can only be as good as the people running it and the attitude/mood that they set for the camp. The instructors must be setting an upbeat and positive atmosphere for the campers. They need to bring 100% effort. They need to do their best to encourage. They need to find ways of connecting and lifting up all campers. It is important that all coaches are knowledgeable and can teach skills to the campers. It is the whole point of camp. However, they can’t forget that the #1 goal should be for every camper to FUN!

These are qualities that all basketball camps should have. Here are some drills to help improve your basketball camp.

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