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Players learn how to execute the push or flip pass (both through the air and on the bounce), two-hand chest pass, overhead pass, baseball pass and baseball pass with a fake.


Players line up in groups of three with one player at free throw line extended, one at the baseline and the third lined up behind the player on the baseline. First player on baseline has a ball.


1.Coach says “go” or blows whistle.

2.Baseline player does a push or flip pass to player at free throw line and then runs to free throw line position.

3.Player at free throw line throws ball back to second player at baseline and runs to baseline.

4.Baseline player throws to free throw line player and drill continues.

5.Run this same drill for two-hand chest pass, overhead pass and baseball pass. On baseball pass receivers at free throw line extended should take three to five steps back. On the fake, players should pump, catch the ball with their weak hand, then reload and throw the pass.

Coaching Tips:

  • On the catch, players should bring the ball into the pit position where it can be protected.
  • On the pass, players should be stepping toward the person they are throwing to.
  • On follow-through, players should have complete extension of hand with thumb pointed down.
  • Players should pass the ball with their feet on the ground and catch the ball with their feet in the air.
  • On baseball pass, players should bring ball back to their ear and follow-through with full extension of throwing arm.   

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