It’s Championship Week! It’s one of the best weeks in college basketball- games all day long, team’s seasons are on the line, teams are trying to get on and off the tournament “bubble”, and everyone looking for that hard-earned automatic bid into the NCAA Tournament. Check out these Backdoor Basketball Plays!

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While watching last night’s ACC Quarterfinal matchup between North Carolina and Miami, Miami ran some beautiful backdoor basketball plays from a timeout for a basket. There is great value in having quality backdoor basketball plays. They provide a variety of benefits for teams:

  • They help flatten the defense as all the action (cutting and the basketball) goes towards the basket
  • Softens pressure defense. Pressure defenses want to apply hard pressure causing the ball to move back up the floor towards half court
  • Forces the offense to get action going towards the basket
  • Most times it brings defensive bigs away from the rim
  • Forces a team to play inside-out
  • Can lead to easy shots and baskets

Backdoor basketball plays come out of many different alignments and sets. They may also be wrinkles in other sets already in the playbook. Many coaches/teams love to run them out of the timeout.

The team that really highlights the value of the back door was the Princeton Tigers and their head coach Pete Carril. It was a huge part of their basic offensive motion. There was nothing more beautiful than watching them run offense for 30 seconds and then beat the defense with a backdoor lay-in at the end of the shot clock.

Attached is a handful of good out of timeout backdoor plays that lead to baskets. Every coach should have a couple of quality backdoor plays in their arsenal and their back pocket for a special situation.

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The GSW 2018 NBA Finals Playbook

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