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Archie Miller University of Dayton- ”Dayton’s Shooting Program”

Archie Miller University of Dayton- ”Dayton’s Shooting Program”

Archie Miller is the head coach at the University of Dayton. He went to the Elite Eight in 2014, a former University of Arizona Associate Head Coach, and USA Basketball’s U19 World Championship staff winning a gold medal in 2015 FIBA World Championships. Coach Miller will give you an in-depth look at how to develop your players in the off-season while working on their conditioning. He will show you the strategies and drills that they use to train the Flyers during the off-season.

archie miller

Coach Miller will show you an individual skill development workout that will challenge them. You will create a daily workout that includes conditioning, ball handling, shooting, and competitive drive. You can teach your players moves that they can use to beat a quicker defender. You will get an array of drills that you can implement right into your off-season development plan. Archie Miller will show you how to prepare your entire program by having many drills to choose from so your players are pushed to their best every session.

Coach Miller’s shooting drills are not your basic spot shooting drill. They use the clock to gauge effort and simulating game speed, it is a tough workout in itself.

Here are some of the drills:

Spot Shooting Series 1-2 Step
Spot Shooting Series on the Move
3 Men, 2 Balls Drill (2’s, 3’s, pull-up jump shots, half-court speed pull-up jumpers, line shooting)

Coach Miller will talk about charting your player’s progress to show growth in your off-season. By charting your player’s progress, you will see their confidence grow for the upcoming season.

Coach Miller provides coaches at any level with challenging player development drills and effective ways to track their progress.

Click on the pdf link to download the Archie Miller University of Dayton- ”Dayton’s Shooting Program”:

Archie Miller University of Dayton- ”Dayton’s Shooting Program”

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