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Basketball Plays | “Ace Motion” – Horns Series by Kyle Pertuset

Basketball Plays | “Ace Motion” – Horns Series by Kyle Pertuset

Today, I am bringing you “Ace Motion” a Horns Series that can optionally be used as a continuity or continuous flow into other Horns sets. The Horns or A-Set is widely used on the NBA and international level almost every game you see, and I have most recently seen it trickle down to the high school level, similar to how the ball screen continuity has trickled down which showcases the incessantly growing influence that international basketball, the power of the internet , and endless forms of coach to coach resources or communication have on basketball of all levels. I originally designed this Horns action calling it “Ace Motion” with the idea of it being a continuity we could run to put our players in great positions to get great looks if ran with discipline and patience, in my first year with a new program however it ended up being more of a quick hitting set, and we also did not get the entire series in, which is fine as building or reloading a program is a marathon rather than a sprint.

If you can put in the entirety of this Horns Series or “Ace Motion” and get your players to know multiple positions or perhaps every spot, I feel the opportunities to get great looks for your players is endless, I look forward to seeing how this series progresses with our program as we will feature more of a 4-5 guard look next season with some outside shooting threats which could result in even more opportunities to space the floor for attacking basketball. As I go to clinics in the off-season and spend time in the office thinking of ways to improve my team and design a offensive plan for 2016-2017 “Ace Motion” will certainly be something I continue to revisit, especially during the summer months when player development, off-season leagues, and shootouts will be common place. The summer is a great time to gather new ideas or concepts and experiment in simulated game settings such as summer league and instructional open gyms.

horns series

I hope you enjoy this series, and perhaps you can even add a few tweaks of your own, and even if you see one or two parts of the series that can help your team, or you can alter to help your team than that is great. Tuck it away in your mind, or maybe use it as a late game special for a crucial score. I look forward to continuing my work on “Ace Motion” and will update any progress or ideas I come up with. Have a successful off-season, and if you are still playing, best of luck throughout your tournament trail.

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Click on the pdf link to download the Basketball Plays | “Ace Motion” – Horns Series:

Basketball Plays | “Ace Motion” – Horn by Kyle Pertuset

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