Never worry about coming up with new plays and winning strategies for your players again.

FINALLY: You can be coaching like John Calipari, Roy Williams, Coach K, Dean Smith and more wildly successful basketball coaches in no time.

Dear basketball coach,

I know how hard it can be to come up with ways to get your team to win more often than you do. You long for your team to be playing like the Kentucky Wildcats, Kansas Jayhawks, Houston Rockets or the Golden State Warriors.

You may know a lot of things. But, perhaps you do not have a lot of time to try and come up with a solid strategy that will work for your team, right now, today.

So here is what you are looking for…

Enter our All-Access Library of Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes!

If you want to have access to the plays all the winning teams that you see doing well after year are running year in and year out to achieve their wins. And you want to know exactly how to run those plays.

You owe it to your players to seek out the best offensive plays and best defensive sets ever conceived of so that they can be the best they can be. You know that your team isn’t perfect and whether they need to improve a lot, or a little, they can benefit from learning what the best coaches of the game have used to win titles year after year and decade after decade.

You will never need to buy another coaching manual after getting access to these coaching and clinic notes collections.

Even a basketball imbecile could come up with ways to improve a team using these notes…

In fact, if you have been asked to coach a team and have no idea what you’re doing, you need these more than anyone!

And if you are a top coach, you will be able to use the information included in this Library better than anyone. You know what works, and you know that you need to keep it fresh and keep the opposition guessing. If you can master the balance between running what you do well and adding to it with the right new plays, you will greatly increase your chances of long-term success and staying power.

So What’s Inside?

  • Top plays from coaches like Jay Wright, Zelimir Obradovic, Roy Williams, Ettore Messina and many more…
  • Playbooks of NBA, NCAA and European teams from the seasons they were champions
  • How the best teams in the U.S. get their players conditioned to last the whole season, playing with energy until the last whistle of the year
  • How to master the famous Princeton offense, the Triangle Offense, the MatchUp Zone Defense and every defense and offense used by inferior players to triumph against superior opponents.

No matter your experience level of a coach, you will love what’s inside. That is, if you want to improve your team’s performance. If you don’t think you can learn something new for when you face a losing streak or when you don’t dominate each facet of the game as well as you know your players can, then click away now.

  • Even classic, timeless strategies that the best teams still run and do so effortlessly. 

Plans and Pricing

But don’t count on my words. Check what some of the best professionals are saying about this huge collection of basketball coaching information.

Men’s Basketball Hoop Scoop is a great site for basketball coaches of all levels. Having collaborated with Coach Peterman on several projects, I can honestly say that his content, dedication to coaches, and passion for improving our game in unparalleled. The variety of content is great. From coaching clinic notes, to drills, to philosophy, the site covers everything that is of interest to basketball coaches. I would highly recommend Men’s Basketball Hoop Scoop as a site to visit daily for advancing your knowledge as a coach. Dave Severns

Director of Player Development, Los Angeles Clippers

The E-Learning section at Men’s Basketball Hoopscoop is an amazing basketball resource for coaches everywhere.  The sheer amount of information available through clinic notes, diagrams, and observations is something you won’t find anywhere else.   Instead of spending tons of money traveling to clinics all over the country, I can simply log into my account whenever I want and look through the notes from the top basketball minds in high school and college basketball.  And it covers all facets of the game, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’re going to find it, and in most cases probably in more than one spot.  It will take me days, if not weeks to get through, and I can’t wait to implement what I find into my practices and workouts immediately.
Matt Bolger

Director of Basketball Operations 2016-2017, Missouri State Women's Basketball

Men’s Basketball Hoopscoop has been a great resource for basketball coaches around the world and now the new E-Learning section takes coaches’ education to a whole new level. Safa Kamalian

Former Iran National Team Assistant Coach

Here’s what you will get…

Unlimited Plays and Drills

  • Over 10,000 pages of basketball coaching clinic notes (soon they will be over 30,000).
  • Bonus Playbooks every month!

Monthly Updates

  • Playbooks added in the beginning of the month.
  • New notes will be added weeklyor even daily. A huge team of people is working on this.

Easy to Use

  • An easy Alphabetical Index of Coaches, Clinics and Teams, where you can find the play and/or the coach you are looking for.
  • Available on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many notes are included?
There are notes from over a thousand basketball coaching clinics. Till now we have added notes from 120 basketball coaches, but soon the number will be over 200. These total over 10,000 pages.
Will these be updated every month as stated above?
Actually, a huge team is working right now on this project. They are adding notes every day. When we end up adding all our notes, we will start adding plays from our playbooks, even new playbooks. So, the answer is “no” these will be updated evey week, day or even hour. And they will contain the latest basketball coaching information, the best plays implemented by the best minds in basketball coaching.
How will I know that there is new stuff added?
Straight to your email address! Every month you will get an email with the latest notes, plays and drills added, so that you can browse through them.
Can I download the material of the Library?
Yes, you can do anything you want. You can download it or read it online.
I have notes from several clinics I have attended. Can I upload them?
Unfortunately not yet. However, we are working on adding this possibility in our coming updates. What you can do now is email them to me and I’ll add them to the Library. My email is:

Plans and Pricing

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