8 Point Shooting Drill

8 Point Shooting

[by eBasketballCoach.com]

Place three lines on each baseline with two or more players in each one. Start with a ball in the middle line on one side. Also have balls ready in each of the outside lines.

How it works
1.The ball starts with player 3 in the middle. He passes to player 2, while staying in his own middle lane and moving down the court, then receives the ball back.
2.Player 3 passes to Player 1, then receives the ball back, moving down the court.
3.Player 3 shoots a layup.
4.Players 1 and 2 receive a pass from the passing lines and shoot a three pointer.
5.Everyone gets their own rebound and goes to the back of the line.
6.Three new players go back the other way and complete the same sequence.

•Run the drill for 2 minutes and set a goal for the number of points you can get
•Layups = 2 points and 3 point shots = 3 points.
•There are 8 possible points every trip.

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