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On each end of the court, place six players and three basketballs. Three players will be on the inside as rebounders (Group A) and three players will be along three-point line (Group B) in the right corner, left corner and the top of the key.

Three Points Shooting Drill

How it Works

1.To start the drill, blow the whistle, and the rebounders (Group A) will pass to their partner (Group B) who are shooting from their stationary spot.

2.Once the group of three shooters (Group B) makes 10 total three-point shots, the rebounders (Group A) replace the shooters (Group B).

3.Once Group A makes 10 total three-point shots, they return to become rebounders and Group B returns to become the shooters.

4.When players rotate to become shooters, they must shoot from a different location along the three-point line each time.  This ensures that each player takes shots from the right corner, left corner and top of the key.

5.This rotation continues after every 10 made shots until the group of six players makes a total of 60 three-point shots.  There will be a total of six rotations for each group.  


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