5 Set Plays from Coach RB

5 Set Plays

5 Set Plays from Coach RB

Here are 5 set plays from Coach Randy Brown. Coach Brown, or Coach RB, is the founder of Elite Coach Mentoring, which is a program for young coaches and aspiring college coaches. In his program, Coach RB provides career advice, valuable resources, and webinars to educate coaches on how to navigate the coaching profession. His program also includes access to his Coaching VAULT which includes tons of resources, playbooks, clinic notes, videos, and more. To learn more about Coach RB’s Elite Coach Mentoring, visit his website here: www.coachrb.com. Coach Brown also runs the Iowa Player Development Academy and Tough U.

Set Plays from Coach Randy Brown

Box Diagonal

This box set has a diagonal down screen followed by a staggered screen for a shooter.

Chin Side

In this play, 2 cuts off of a back screen at the high post and then the big goes into a ball screen on the right wing. The play starts in a 2-3 high formation, common with the princeton action sets.

Elbow Twist

This is a horns set play with an entry to the high post. 1 then cuts to the block and screens for 3 who cuts into the lane. 5 sets a down screen for 1 who cuts back out to the perimeter. If 4 passes to 1, 4 and 5 set a staggered screen for 3 in the lane. In the second option, a triple staggered screen is set in the corner for 2.

Flex 141

This flex play starts with a quick pass/pass back from 1 to 4 to 1. 5 sets a flex screen for 3 on the left block, and after 3 clears the screen 5 sets a flare for 4. 1 looks to drive on the play and can make several passes out to shooters or to 5 and 3 inside.

EOG Need a 2

Click on the pdf link below to download the Set Plays from Coach RB:

Set Plays from Coach RB



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