5 Horns Set Plays by Tedi Yaghoubian

Written by Tedi Yaghoubian

Tedi Yaghoubian is a head basketball coach at Northern Suburbs Basketball Association in Sydney Australia – currently coaching Men’s Under 18 representative squad. Last year the Norths Bears won the metropolitan championship and were runners-up at the NSW State Shied Tournament. Coach Yaghoubian’s playing experience includes representative basketball for Norths Bears State League Division 1 team as well as many years of playing at club level.

November 3, 2015

5 Horns Set Plays by Tedi Yaghoubian

Here is a mini playbook containing 5 set plays out of very popular Horns set (also known as the “A set” which I have picked up over the years from watching various team at different levels.  Horns set provide many advantages such as flexibility, simplicity and also provides good court spacing. Many coaches at different levels have incorporated Horns actions into their playbooks allowing them to provide scoring opportunities for different personnel. So many different variations can be run out of this set making it difficult for opponents to scout every action. Being able to create mismatches on the floor is also another benefit of this Horns Set.

Just like all other set plays and offensive concepts, execution has to be emphasised at all times. This means hard scoring cuts, setting good screens and patience; solid passing by all players and their ability to make reads of the defense are keys to the successful execution of these sets.

Horns Set Plays:  “Horns 23”

The first set is from former Oklahoma City Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks and has the 2/3 wing players at the elbow with the 4 and 5 in deep corners. This is designed to create an isolation situation for a scorer from the top; OKC ran this play often for Kevin Durant in particularly late in games to allow him to create a scoring opportunity either for himself or for a teammate.

Horns Set Plays:  “Horns Back”

The next action out of horns is borrowed from Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski ran often with his Duke teams. This is a great set involving all 5 players with multiple scoring options and reads available.

Horns Set

Horns Set Plays:  “Horns Euro”

This Horns action is from Wichita State Head Coach Gregg Marshall designed to get the ball to the post inside – utilising a rip screen for a quick lob followed by a hook back & seal by the post man inside. This can also be used to get one of your shooters an open shot from top of the key.

Horns Set Plays:  “Horns Flex”

This action is a very common action ran out of Horns by many teams at different levels – pro, collegiate and even high school. This can be ran as an out of time-out play or beginning of game / half play to get things going. This action is very tough to guard when executed properly with so much movement and screening in the play. Play involves a back screen, a flex screen and a down screen – each opening up a possible scoring option.

“Horns Loop”

Straight from Doc River playbook – this quick hitter is run frequently with Chris Pau at the point and Blake Griffin at the elbow. With Paul coming off a baseline screen then into a dribble hand-off with Blake – this makes it very tough to defend and keep Paul out of the paint.

I hope you find these Horns Set Plays actions useful for your team and your program in the upcoming season.

Click on the pdf link to download the 5 Horns Set Plays:

5 Horns Set Plays by Tedi Yaghoubian

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