2015 NCAA Tournament X’s and O’s: 10 Best Quick Hitters

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2015 NCAA Tournament X’s and O’s: 10 Best Quick Hitters

The NCAA Tournament is not only a time for the top players in college basketball to stand out; but also the top coaches. The 2015 NCAA Tournament was yet another example of the brilliant X’s and O’s minds that are entrenched in the game of college basketball. I compiled the 10 best quick hitters from the duration of the tournament and shared them below in the accompanying Youtube Video and diagrams. The quick hitters are as follows:

1) University of Arizona Baseline Screens:
Arizona does a great job freeing Gabe York for an open 3 late in the second half. They used York as a screener in the first of a series of stagger screens along the baseline. York does a good job of setting his man up then darting through the screens. The Wisconsin defender trails it through but a great second screen forces a late switch and an open shot for York.

2) Harvard University Backdoor Cut:
Harvard does a great job clearing the lane for Wesley Saunders and setting up this backdoor cut. They have their 4 and 5 exchange spots through the paint. This occupies the help and pulls the Carolina defenders away from the rim. Point Guard Siani Chambers does a great job setting up the cut and throws a perfect pass to a wide open Saunders.

3) Kansas University Double Drag/Stagger:
Kansas starts this set in a box formation and eventually gets the ball back to the point guard on the wing after a flare screen. The point guard comes off a double drag screen and reverses the ball as he cuts through to the corner. The ball screeners then go and set a stagger screen for a shooter on the block and Wayne Selden throws a perfect pass for a wide open shot.

4) Kentucky University Transition Pin Down/Post:
With Kentucky’s season slowing slipping away Kentucky pushed the ball up the floor and entered into a side dribble handoff between the Harrison twins. Karl Anthony Towns was trailing the play and ends up setting a pin down screen for NCAA Tournament hero Andrew Harrison. Wisconsin does a good job staying attached and the ball is entered into its’ secondary option, a post entry for Towns.

5) Northeastern University Shuffle Cut:
In this set my alma mater used perfect spacing and a great screen to get a wide open layup for big man Scott Eatherton. Point guard David Walker entered the ball into the pinch post and then set a back screen for Eatherton at the opposite elbow. Eathertons’ defender, Zach Auguste ran into his own teammate trying to chase through the screen leading to a wide open layup. Northeastern ran this same set 3 minutes before and got the same result.

6) Ohio State University Iverson Cut/Backscreen:
Ohio State ran an Iverson Cut and sent future NBA Lottery Pick D’Angelo Russell backdoor. Russell then set a back screen for an Ohio State big man that lost his defender. The recovery was late for VCU and Ohio State earned free throws.

7) Wichita State Middle Ballscreen/Change Angle:
Wichita State ran a down screen into a ball screen and cleared the lane. After Fred Van Fleet came off one way, the screen changed angles and Van Fleet turned the corner. Kansas leveled the ball screen and because of the change in angles Kansas was late to help. Van Fleet read it perfect as Ron Baker’s defender went crashing into the lane too late.

8) Wichita State Stagger Screen Zipper Cut:
Wichita State ran a stagger screen for Ron Baker on the block. Van Fleet set the first of the stagger and had a big set the second so they couldn’t switch it. The Kansas big was helping to far off and couldn’t get to the shooter in time. The second option in the screen is for Van Fleet who almost slips the screen and comes off another screen on the baseline.

9) Wisconsin Backscreen/Shuffle Cut
Here is a Bo Ryan masterpiece. Josh Gasser elevates to set a back screen for Nigel Hayes which essentially forces all the Kentucky defenders above the free throw line. Frank Kaminsky shuffle cuts into the lane for a wide open layup.

10) Wisconsin UCLA Cut/Stagger Screen
To start the 2nd half against Arizona Bo Ryan draws up a quick hitter that ends up getting Kaminsky an open shot. Wisconsin runs a UCLA cut then a down screen to get the ball back in Bronson Koenig’s hands. The forwards then set a stagger screen away for Josh Glasser. The Arizona big extends too much to help on the cut and Kaminsky pops to the 3 point line for an open shot.

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Coach John Zall just completed his second season as an Assistant Coach at Division II Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, NH. During his 2 seasons there, Franklin Pierce University finished with a winning record and in 2014 advanced to the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament. Zall arrived at Franklin Pierce after spending the past 3 seasons as the Associate Head Coach/Head JV Coach at O’Bryant High school in Roxbury, MA. During his tenure at O’Bryant the program improved from 4 wins to 12 wins and qualified for the MIAA State Tournament twice.

Coach Zall also has experience as an AAU Head Coach for the Boston Warriors. As Head Coach for the Warriors his team won the 2011 16U State Title and twice competed in AAU Nationals down in Orlando, FL. On top of being a student at Northeastern University, Zall was named Head Coach of the Men’s Club Basketball team for the 2012-13 season. During his lone season as Head Coach, Northeastern finished second in the Northeast Regional Tournament featuring colleges from throughout the East Coast. Coach Zall has also spent time as a Head Coach in the Bay State Games where his team won the Bronze Medal in 2012 and at various camps including: Five Star, Boston Celtics, NIKE, Franklin Pierce University, Hoop Group and The Elite 75.

Click on the pdf link to download the 2015 NCAA Tournament X’s and O’s: 10 Best Quick Hitters:

2015 NCAA Tournament X’s and O’s: 10 Best Quick Hitters

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