2014 Nike Tunica Basketball Clinic Notes

2014 Nike Tunica Basketball Clinic Notes

2014 Nike Tunica Basketball Clinic Notes

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2014 Nike Tunica Basketball Clinic Notes

The 2014 Nike Tunica Basketball Clinic Notes featured Jim Crews, Roy Williams, Andy Enfield, Sean Miller, Jim Boeheim, Johnny Jones, Leonard Hamilton, Mike Dunlap and many more.

What is up with Jim Boeheim these days:

Jim Boeheim and Tom Izzo have different scheduling philosophies, and they don’t always appear to be on the best of terms. Coach Boeheim was frustrated that his 18-14 team didn’t get in the NCAA Tournament and took on Michigan State on Espn’s Mike and Mike. He said that Michigan State didn’t have as many good wins as his team. It was a comment on the 19-14 Michigan State Spartans.

Syracuse played a non-conference strength of schedule which was ranked 215 with an overall strength of schedule that was 63rd, despite that Syracuse plays in the ACC.

Why Roy Williams won’t change his time-out philosophy:

Roy Williams got asked again about his use of timeouts or why he doesn’t use them. North Carolina’s loss to Duke in the ACC Tournament semifinals was the main reason which was a 98-83 loss.

UNC Roy Williams said, “I’ve been criticized for 29 years for not calling timeouts, and I’m still 5-10 1/2. That part ain’t changing either”.

Some people like to put the pressure on the defense and not call a timeout. Everyone has their thoughts on it. What are your thoughts?

He usually only calls timeouts when his guys are panicking. He believes that timeouts are over rated because you can only tell your guys so much.

How Leonard Hamilton changed his style of play to get back to the NCAA Tournament:

Leonard Hamilton made a change in his coaching philosophy. He uses to play suffocating defense to get to the NCAA Tournament. Five years ago, the Seminoles got the number three seed playing that style. This year, they go the third seed playing great offense.

The Florida State Seminoles are second in scoring and field goal percentage in the ACC. They have scored over 100 five times this season.

They went and got a lot of skilled players that play faster. He wanted to get up and down the floor, create quick shots that would lead to fast break chances

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2014 Nike Tunica Basketball Clinic Notes

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