2013 Nike Las Vegas Basketball Clinic Notes

Check out the latest 2013 Nike Las Vegas Basketball Clinic Notes on great coaches!

Learn how Gary McKnight made Mater Dei into a National High School Power through the 2013 Nike Las Vegas Basketball Clinic Notes!

 2013 Nike Las Vegas Basketball Clinic Notes

Here is a great set of 2013 Nike Las Vegas Basketball Clinic Notes and you learn from many of the coaches in these clinic notes. Coach Gary McKnight is one of the best high school coaches out there. You get to see how he changed the culture of this basketball program.

Gary McKnight is the first high school coach from California to reach one thousand victories this past year. He joined coaching legends like Morgan Wootten and Bob Hurley. Coach McKnight is one of the most loyal and best guys out there in the coaching ranks. He has the gift to put people in the right spots where they can succeed. Mater Dei has had over 30 years of success in athletics and academics with Coach McKnight as the head coach.

So what is in the 2013 Nike Las Vegas Basketball Clinic Notes?

Mike Brown just got released from the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers and got a job with the NBA Los Angeles Lakers. He felt bad about moving his family across the country. Coach Brown told his family that he would find a high school for his son and then buy a home near it. His son, Elijah, who was a junior that is an excellent basketball player. They took one look at Mater Dei and Coach McKnight. It was over after that one look.

Coach McKnight had another version of that story. He says that Coach Brown asked Kobe Bryant about what high school in LA that he should take his son. Kobe Bryant told him Mater Dei. Elijah went to Mater Dei for two years and then got a scholarship to Butler University. He transferred to New Mexico later in his career. It was a great experience for him and gave him a lot of confidence and a chance to be part of something great.

Stanley Johnson of the NBA Detroit Pistons played at Mater Dei. He went to Arizona from there. Coach McKnight had a 6-7 forward that will be an NBA top five pick this year.

Coach McKnight has won 31 league titles and has won at a remarkable rate of .922 with a record of 1,001-85. He has one of the best high school basketball coaching resumes in the business. Coach McKnight has coached players like Miles Simon, Travis and David Wear, LeRon Ellis, Reggie Geary, Jamal Sampson, and DJ Strawberry.

He hasn’t had a roster of superstar guys that went on to college and then the NBA. He has had NCAA guys that played a little time in the NBA if that. No Kobe Bryant or Lebron James were ever on his roster. They got the Orange County kids that wanted to play together. Stanley Johnson was on four state championship teams, but his senior year, he only scored barely twenty points a game.

Mater Dei has had small teams, big teams, athletic teams and mixed teams. They keep winning over thirty games a year.

Gary McKnight talks about college coaching in the 2013 Nike Las Vegas Basketball Clinic Notes!

So has Coach McKnight thought about coaching in college? Yes, he has thought about it. He got recruited a little bit, and it was nice. Some high school coaches have realized that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Most college coaches aren’t like Roy Williams or Bill Self and staying at the same school for a while. College coaches are always on the move and bouncing from job to job. His son, Clay told him that he wouldn’t like it at all. If you have a kid that is hungry and wants McDonald’s, you can’t pay for it.

Today’s basketball coaching clinic notes are on the 2013 Nike Las Vegas Clinic.   There are 40 pages of notes on the 2013 Nike Las Vegas Clinic.  You can learn a lot from this clinic.  A special “Thanks” to Rick Neumann for the basketball notes.

Click on the pdf link to download the basketball coaching clinic notes for your basketball playbooks:

2013 Nike Las Vegas Basketball Clinic Notes

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