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2011 Chicago Bulls Playbook

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Coach Peterman has once again outdone himself putting together an indepth look at Tom Thibodeau’s Chicago Bulls Offensive System (with plays used for star guard Derrick Rose). If you’re looking too add something for one of your shooters, a post player, or just add some new wrinkles to your offensive schemes, then this playbook is just what you’re looking for. Tom Thibodeau is one of the bright young minds in the NBA and this look at his system gives you an indication of why Chicago is one of the up and coming teams in the NBA. The beginning of the playbook is sure to surprise with the vast array of sets run in the Early Offense. Coach Peterman’s newest NBA Playbook is just what you need to get the season started the right way!!

Dana Beszczynski

Youth Coordinator and Head Coach for our U16 & U18 teams-Gmunden Swans 1st Division team in Austria

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