20 Effective Youth Basketball Games For Beginners

youth basketball games

Written by Coach Peterman

I have coached at the NCAA Division 2 (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), NAIA (USAO), and JUCO Levels (Blinn College and Carl Albert State College) as well as high school. I just felt that fellow coaches especially young coaches need to constantly work on their “game”. Just like the basketball players that we coach. We as coaches need to improve ourselves. That is my story and why I do this blog.

February 22, 2020

20 Effective Youth Basketball Games For Beginners


Youth Basketball Games are a highly recommended option for all children and adults who are starting in the sport. Each game or training was created for everyone’s fun and learning, regardless of their age.

Basketball or basketball is a very fun sport surrounded by rules, key foundations, and principles that are important to apply to the court and in your life. This sport will not only give you skills, but it will teach you values ​​such as companionship, respect, and humility.

The games, exercises, or ways of training are divided into foot exercises, defensive, shooting, dribbling, passing exercises, and basketball drills; each one keeps the fun of its participants present at all times. Basketball drills for beginners can help you strengthen your younger players in a quick manner.

Youth Basketball Training

As you can see, the Youth Basketball Games are very wide, although the initiative was taken to make this article and show you the best 20 among the offensive, defensive, dribbling and jumping exercises.

Each game has a clear objective to create in your mind; it also provides very important values ​​such as companionship, mutual respect, love of the game, and thorough knowledge of the rules.

Another clear objective is to develop the necessary skill that every beginner student in this sport needs; for example, it takes a lot of training to dribble perfectly.

The games for beginners also teach him to undergo pressure; this will accustom him and make the defense a breeze when he is in a real match, each training focuses on that and does not take him by surprise on the court.

Pivoting is a somewhat difficult movement to do, but thanks to this game, you will acquire the skills you need. The pivot is important in a real match, so you must train a lot to take advantage of this movement.

Keep in mind that you must make passes; you are not playing alone; you have a good team with the same technical skills that will help you achieve victory; that is the main objective.

Among the 20 basketball games that are effective for new sports practitioners are:

  1. Exercise Of Cones

The exercise of cones or 21 cones for many consists of placing two teams on each side of one end of the court and the other a series of linear cones. Its function is to encourage the participants of each team to throw one cone.

The game of cones ends when all the cones have already fallen, and the team that has knocked down the vast majority will win the game. The goal is to give freedom to all students to the sport by throwing the ball to hit a cone.

The exercise strengthens the friendship, companionship, and precision in each shot made by a person, practice it from today, and improve your aim for the next basketball game.

  1. Perfect Shot

The perfect shot consists of placing the beginners to the sides of the arc and in front of it, achieving three teams. Each team will have the freedom to perform archery to try to score, after having done this, they must go to the end of their tail or place themselves at the end of the position of another team.

The perfect shot is a very positive game or training because it increases the accuracy of the shot, getting used to the height of the court, working under pressure, among others.

Coaches should be alert to avoid confusion and disorder; they should instruct their students to perform the exercise or game in a good way to get the most out of it.

  1. Pivot Exercise

The Pivot Shooting exercise consists of placing two rows of players on each side of the court; the main objective is to receive the pass of the coach that is at each end of the lines already mentioned.

At the time of receiving the pass by his coach in each line, the player must turn his body in the direction of the bow and throw it to make a wonderful basket.

These Youth Basketball Games consist of taking a shot under pressure, and as quickly as possible, each basketball player should be prepared to play under pressure, so you should implement this game right now if you are a sports enthusiast.

  1. Pressure Exercise

The pressure exercise is very fun and widely used by many coaches as games for beginners; it consists of making a single line in the direction of the arc where each student will take turns to make a shot.

The distance that remains from the point of archery is equal to the 3-point line in basketball, it is somewhat distanced, so some coaches choose to make it a little closer to the goal depending on how old the students or beginners are at sport.

  1. Chase Down Game

The Chase Down game or training consists of giving speed and better movement to the future offensive players of youth basketball in which you will present yourself. It is a very fun and interesting game to play; it provides confidence and attitude.

The main objective of the game is that the offensive player is directed from one of the courts to the baseline of the other end, he is given a brief advantage of seconds over the defensive player who has the task of leading first to the final line of the other end of the court.

The defensive player starts his run from the baseline while the offensive player starts from the 3-point line in basketball; this small advantage is to give the offensive more easily while the defense must propose to arrive first, although it has a disadvantage.

  1. Drip Line Exercise

The drip line exercise is a Dribbling game that consists of teaching beginners to dribble from end to end on the court, teaches not to “walk” or make any wrong move in the process.

Dribbling games work to teach future youth basketball players to move along the entire court, it is an essential foundation in the sport, and it is something that deserves a lot of dedication to knowing each of its rules.

The drip line is one of the main games in basketball, it gives flexibility and control when running, walking or “Dribbling” with your ball, it helps you to be one with him and not to make walking mistakes, double, among others.


  1. Dribbling Collision Game

The game or collision training in the Dribbling serves for beginners to learn to play in a small space with the proximity of other players; this manages to accustom them to play under pressure, learn to dribble or perform it under control.

The exercise consists in placing several students or apprentices in a small area with one ball each, it will indicate a time for them to dribble and make movement in that small area, it is somewhat difficult, but with great benefits in the future.

  1. Dribble Knock-out game

The game of Dribble Knock-out is a very fun training, and with the great value among beginners, it helps them learn the basics of basketball, rules, and other things to know before starting a full game.

The main function is to place the beginners in a small area; it can be the complete end of the half-circle of the 3-point line; that area is ideal for at least ten students.

The goal is that everyone must dribble and in turn, try to finish the game of his teammates; he must take into account that he cannot walk or is out of the game. As the game progresses, the number of students decreases until there is a winner.

  1. Scarecrow Game

The scarecrow game is very fun and recommended. If you are a beginner in this sport, your goal is very clear and there should not necessarily be a winner; your point is fun and absolute control of the basketball.

Its function is to place at least two people as “scarecrows” their goal is to stand without making any movement while the other students dribble around them; that can start moving if, for some reason, the nearest player drops his ball so which roles will be changed.

This game has the advantage that you learn to dribble calmly with an immovable object, although you must be careful because if your dribble culminates near it, then take your place.

  1. Game Of Fish And Sharks

The game of fish and sharks are for you to learn to dribble with more confidence and even longer distances, preferably throughout the field, you should associate this training as the most important on the list due to the length of the training ground.

The function is to select a group that is the fish and the other the sharks. The objective of the fish is to dribble from one baseline to another while taking care to be tagged to be touched by sharks; if that happens, the roles will be exchanged.

It should be emphasized that each “shark” has a basketball between his legs which limits his movement since they must take care and keep it that way, or they will be eliminated.

  1. Dribbletag Game

This game is very similar to “scarecrow” the only difference is that all players have a ball and must dribble until the other makes them finish their game.

Unlike other games, this does not have a limit, but the whole field is a training ground; practice it to improve your dribble and physical ability.

  1. Pass Exercise

This pass exercise teaches the main foundation of basketball that is companionship, friendship, and respect for their peers, consists of placing all beginners at the ends of the court and making various straight passes, of picket, among others.

The exercise is very important to do it because remember that you will not be in a match alone, but you will need your teammates, apply it as many times as you can, and make a connection with your friends on the court.

  1. Countem Game

The exercise or game of CountEm consists of making passes to his teammates while ignoring others; he will place it in a kind of simulation dedicated to a complete game of basketball in general.

The CountEm game is ideal for playing under pressure, perfectly making passes and knowing that you have partners supporting you on the playing field, reinforces respect and love towards your team.

  1. Withholding Game

The game of retentions serves for you to learn to pass the ball better, count on your teammates, and improves respect for them in general. Retentions are vital in a real basketball game so you should practice it as beginners as many times as possible.

The retentions also serve to keep the ball in the team and thus get better points to score; you should not despair and remember that it is only a practice, it helps to think intelligently and make accurate passes to your well-positioned teammates.

  1. Game 3 In 2

The game of continuous 3 in 2 or only “3 in 2” consists of having three attackers, one that owns the ball and two at each end; in addition to this they have two defenders to put pressure on the attacker.

Its function is that owning three attackers and two defenders, the attackers will have the absolute advantage and freedom to make the respective passes. If one of the defenders manages to take the ball from the attackers, they will be eliminated.

This game serves to improve the companionship and respect among beginners as well as dribbling, making perfect passes, and knowing when to perform them.

  1. Four Corners game

This is a very interesting game and one of the favorites on the list, the beginners of this sport like it because they learn to make stops, passes, and pivots.

Pivoting is very important in basketball; this game focuses on that and helps them improve in each training. Be encouraged to do it and improve your jumps and pivots.

  1. Explore Game

The game of exploring consists ºof placing beginner players like you in a straight line at each end of the court, with the greatest possible distance so that accidents do not occur.

Players must run in a straight line where they can pivot, jump, and dribble as they like until they reach the other end of the court. The objective of this game is to learn to pivot much better as well as jumping with the ball in your hands.

  1. Red-Green Light Exercise

The red and green light exercise helps beginners in youth basketball improve their pivot as well as their jumps and thus have better play in a real game.

It consists of placing it on the longest end of the field where the instructor announces its start should calmly go to the other end, although it must stop when the coach mentions “red light,” and there made a jump.

This game serves to improve the jump and handling of the ball to the new aspirants to the sport when an advanced level is reached a pivot can be added to the “red light,” left or right, to increase its flexibility and control with the ball.

  1. Defense mirror game

The defense mirror game consists of improving your footwork in general, helping you in the future to have a better defense, knowing how much to cover your opponent, and, in short, knowing how to move on the court.

Its objective is to place two people in front; one will play the defensive player and the other offensive, the point is not to let the offensive player reach the goal.

  1. Zig-Zag game

The game of Zig-Zag has a clear objective and is to learn to move along the length and width of the court; it is a highly recommended defensive training for beginners in the sport as you.

The important points are that you will learn to move, you will know what movements are necessary to cover your enemy and what the correct way to do it is. Apply it and successfully start your practice in basketball.

Play Basketball Under The Expert Eye

You should consider training under the eye of professionals in the area; basketball is a complete sport and with thousands of rules that you must know. Dare to inform yourself and learn much more about this exercise and lifestyle so unique, playing basketball will bring you more benefits than you think.

Here we mentioned only some exercises, games or basic training for new people in the sport, if you need more information, please visit Basketball for Coaches, there you will find everything you need, rules, conditions, physical benefits, etc. That gives the sport.

Basketball will give you all the energy, flexibility, strength, and ease you need, as well as better endurance, better quality of life and other factors that you will know as you practice it.

In the world, Basketball is one of the most practiced sports, although it has a large number of rules and requires skills that are acquired over the years, as has been the top of the list.

Every sport requires commitment and basketball is not exempt, if you are starting in the sport, you should know that everything requires sacrifice, if you want to be the best that leads to many hours of training and “play” or perform more exercises than are found here selected.

Discipline is a fundamental factor first and foremost, so when making any of these games, you must keep it in mind to get the most out of it. Live with your classmates and start the exercises with the greatest receptivity you can.

The Youth Basketball Games are very important, it changes the lives of its practitioners and motivates many more people to start it, everything has a beginning so do not feel bad if at first, you do not achieve the desired results, propose it, train, motivate and practice basketball as soon as possible, change your routine.

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