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2-3 Zone Offense Quick hitter “Xavier”

2-3 Zone Offense Quick hitter “Xavier” by Mark Chapman

This set can be run as a quick hitter or as a continuity against a zone defense. As most coaches know it takes ball reversal, ball fakes, and patience to break down a zone so taking a quick shot may not be in your best interest even if you have called a quick hitter.

The start of this play puts the defense in a tough position because all five offensive players are above the defense. This forces the two guards at the top to cover the offensive players at the top of the key and the wing. For this play to work effectively the offense must get the bottom wing players to come out and guard the wing. The goal is to get the five man on defense (or the middle defender in the zone) to cover the short corner pass and open up the cut for the high post player.

We teach our players to play in the gaps of the zone and make two players guard one. Once we have this position we create a miss match and have the advantage if we can make the correct pass to the open player.

Mark Chapman is the Head Boy’s Basketball Coach at Hamilton Township High School in Columbus, Ohio. Coach Mark Chapman always has great basketball plays and basketball coaching clinic notes to share with the basketball coaching world. Coach Mark Chapman is one of our hardest basketball contributors on Men’s Basketball Hoop Scoop. I think that you will love the different types of basketball material that he will present us with on this basketball forum. Make sure that you check out his posts here!

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Click on the pdf link to download the quick hitter plays:

2-3 Zone Offense Quick hitter “Xavier” by Mark Chapman

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