2-1-2 Offense Set Plays

2-1-2 Offense Set Plays

2-1-2 Offense Set Plays

Here are 6 2-1-2 offense set plays. The 2-1-2 spaces the floor and clears the lane for cuts or drives to the basket. The positions are easily interchangeable and if your 4 and 5 man can shoot from outside it can really stretch the defense. The 2-1-2 also allows you to easily transition into a different formation if you cannot get a shot.

2-1-2 Offense Set Plays: Flex Action

In this flex action play, 1 passes to 3 on the wing then cuts through to the corner. 3 then dribbles off of a ball-screen from 4 as 5 sets a flex screen for 1. 3 looks to pass to 1 for a lay-up. If 1 isn’t open, 4 has three options to play off of. In option 1, 4 screens down for 5. In option 2, 4 rolls to the basket and 5 replaces 4. In option 3, 4 pops for a shot and 5 posts up his defender at the basket.

2-1-2 Offense Set Plays: Stagger

In this stagger play, put your best shooter at the 2 spot. 1 passes to 3. 2 cuts around 4 to the opposite block. 1 fakes a cut then gets the ball back from 3. 1 passes to 2 cutting off the staggered screen from 5 and 4.

2-1-2 Offense Set Plays: Hi/Lo

1 passes to 3 then 2 and 1 both cut around 5 in an x pattern. 3 passes to 5 who reverses the ball to 4. 2 screens up for 5. If 5 isn’t open on the cut, 4 passes to 2 who looks hi/lo to 5.

2-1-2 Offense Set Plays: Double Screen

This play starts with a pass inside to 5. 1 and 2 then make flare cuts off of 3 and 4 on the wings. 5 passes out to 4. 5 and 3 then set a double screen for 1. 4 passes to 1 for a shot.

2-1-2 Offense Set Plays Screen Option

1 passes to 3 then cuts off of 5 to the low post. If 1 isn’t open, 5 cuts behind him looking for a pass. If 5 isn’t open, 3 passes to 2 then steps inside to stack with 5. 1 has the option to cut around 4 for a shot or cut across the lane off of the double screen from 5 and 3.

2-1-2 Offense Set Plays: Down Screen

1 passes to 4 in the corner then cuts around 5 to the opposite wing. 2 cuts around 5 crossing 1. If 2 isn’t open, 4 dribbles up the wing and looks to pass to 3 cutting off of a down screen from 5.


Click on the pdf link to download the basketball plays:

2-1-2 Set Plays by Wes Kosel

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