2-1-2 Offense Playbook

2-1-2 Offense Playbook

What’s included in the 2-1-2 Offense Playbook

Here are four options out of the 2-1-2 offense. The offense sets up with 2 players on the wings, 2 players in the corners, and a player inside at the free-throw area. The balanced spacing opens up the floor for back-cut opportunities as well as penetrate and pitch options. There are endless options out of this formation, but I have four options when passing the ball to the wing, to the corner, and inside to the middle offensive player. At TLU, we have seen variations of this offensive from several opponents. It is a tough offense to guard, especially when the middle offensive player is a threat to shoot, dribble, and pass. These can be found in the 2-1-2 Offense Playbook.

2-1-2 Offense Playbook Option 1: Pass to Wing
1 passes to 2 then cuts through to the opposite corner. 3 clears out to the opposite side of the floor and 4 moves up to the wing. As 2 dribbles to the wing, 4 cuts off of 5 to the basket. If 4 isn’t open, 5 reverses the ball to 3 and sets a down screen for 4. 3 has the option to pass to 2 cutting to the basket or to 4 for a shot at the elbow.

2-1-2 Offense Playbook Option 2: Pass to Corner
1 passes to the corner then cuts off of 5 to the opposite low post. Once 1 has cleared, 2 cuts off of 5 to the ball-side low post. If 2 isn’t open, 4 dribbles up to the wing and looks to pass to 1who cuts off of 2 to the corner. If 1 isn’t open, 4 receives a ball-screen from 5 and has options to drive and score or pass out.

2-1-2 Offense Playbook Option 3: Middle Entry Cross
1 passes inside to 5, then cuts to the opposite low post. Once 1 has cleared, 2 cuts off of 5 also. 5 first looks to hand the ball off to 1 or 2 and can also make a back-door pass if the defender gets caught chasing the cutter. If the cutters aren’t open, 5 dribbles toward the elbow and looks to make a back-door pass to 3. If 3 isn’t open, 3 moves back to the corner while 2 and 4 fill the open spots in the 2-1-2 formation. Once the ball is passed out, the offense can reset.

2-1-2 Offense Playbook Option 4: Middle Entry Cut Through
1 passes inside to 5, then sets a wide down screen for 4. 5 looks to make the pass to 4 for a shot. 2 cuts toward the basket, then pops back out to the wing and receives a pass from 5. If 2 can pass to 3 in the corner, 3 looks to pass to 5 diving to the low post or to 4 cutting up to the elbow. If not, 2 receives a ball-screen from 5 and drives to the basket.


Click on the pdf link to download the basketball plays:

2-1-2 Offense Basketball Playbook by Wes Kosel

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