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Basketball Coaching | Learn from these Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes from Mike Rice

The basketball coaching community knows a winner when they see it and Mike Rice is a winner.  I believe that he is one of the most under-rated coaches on the east coast.  If you have a chance to attend a basketball coaching clinic with him then you should do it.

Mike Rice has been a head coach at Robert Morris where they won back to back NEC regular season championships in his first two years and he is now in his third year at Rutgers rebuilding their team.  He is a huge offensive skill development guy and I have a great set of basketball coaching clinic notes on Competitive Drills in Practice.

He is an dynamic basketball coach that will give you some practice drills that will keep your players going throughout practice and in the games.  His competitive practice drills will focus on:

  • Passing and Screening
  • Transition and Finishing
  • Defense
  • Close outs
  • Rebounding

Coach Mike Rice will show you his finishing drills that will help basketball players to attack the basket with contact while his 4 vs. 3 passing drill will teach composure under extreme situations.  You will see the basketball drills that he uses to motivate his team to take a charge and play great defense.  It’s his attention to details that you will enjoy during these drills.

These finishing drills to teach players to  attack the basket, play strong with the ball, and make good decisions. These drills will take your players out of their comfort zone and prepare them for game-like situations.

Improve your players’ ability to read and react using screens. Mike Rice will show you how to run this drill using the screening action that is already in your offense and with the down screen, flex screen, flare screen, and pinch screen.

I think that you will enjoy these basketball coaching clinic notes.  It’s some of the best basketball coaching material that I have seen in a while.

Click on the pdf link to download the basketball coaching material to your basketball playbooks:

Basketball Coaching | Learn from these Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes from Mike Rice | Mike Rice Rutgers Competitive Practice Drills

Improve your basketball team with these basketball coaching clinic notes!!!