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Steve Masiello |Basketball Dvd | Basketball Drills | Level X Hoops

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Manhattan Head Coach and longtime Rick Pitino assistant coach Steve Masiello demonstrates five skill development basketball drills for maximum improvement.  With an emphasis on game-like actions and either a time or score threshold, these are drills that will improve dribble moves, rim finishes, ball handling, 3 point shooting, mid range jumpers and more.  Starting with an “Open Court Moves” series, Coach Masiello then moves to “3’s, 2’s & 1’s” – a 42 point shooting drill that uses three different shots from seven spots on the floor, while “8 in 30” is a layup/finishing drill that teaches focus, speed and success.  “9 On The Fly” is a great 3 point shooting drill that also serves as an excellent conditioning drill and Coach Masiello teaches a unique “1 On 1” drill that fosters competition.  Running Time: 25 Minutes

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