Escape Pressing Drills

MEET THE PRESS: Escape Pressing Drills

MEET THE PRESS: Escape Pressing Drills

Are you looking for another competitive edge over your opponents?
Are you looking to add more points to your scoring average?
Are you looking for a way to add excitement to your games?
If so, then:

MEET THE PRESS: Escape Pressing Drills
Throughout the years many coaches have utilize defensive pressure to great success. John Wooden and his famed 2-2-1 press. Rick Pitino and his matchup press. Shaka Smart and his HAVOC defense at VCU. All of these coaches have realized that defensive pressure can provide that edge that can resurrect program, give programs an identity and create an atmosphere that will help lead to victories and championships. As written in Philippians 3:13 I press on toward the goal for the prize.

Every coach that desires to play an aggressive pressing style of defense must empower his or her team with the tools to handle teams that escape traps. These Escape Pressing drills will help players on rotations and adjustments for various escapes that might occur throughout the course of a game. The coach has the ability to make these drills as competitive as he or she would like. For example, The pressing team is looking for deflections, steals and charge opportunities. We keep a scoring system throughout the drill. A team will get one point for a made layup, one point for a deflection, two points for a steal, and five points for a charge.

Hopefully these Escape Pressing drills will add to a coaches arsenal of ideas to use during the course of a season.

Name: Trey Watts Years in Profession: 18 years Years as Head Coach: 16 years Current position: Head Boys at Wall High School – Have coached 12 playoff teams – Have coached 2 regional tournament teams – Have coach 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A teams – Lead Clinician at Texas Prep Basketball School – Co-Founder and Director of Overtime Hoops Academies – Served as Chairman of Texas High School Coaches Association All-Star Selection Committee – Served on All-Region and All-State Texas Association of Basketball Selection Committee

Escape Pressing Drills

Click on the pdf link to download the basketball drills:

MEET THE PRESS: Escape Pressing Drills

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