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Jim Boone Motion Offense by Mark Chapman

Jim Boone Motion Offense by Mark Chapman

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Jim Boone Motion Offense

Jim Boone – Delta State University
Book on Motion Offense
I Why I chose Motion
A. Motion offense if effective for all ages
– I have taught motion at all age levels
– Players are capable of great things if taught the details well
– No matter what offense you run the principles of motion will benefit any philosophy
* No matter what you choose to run you should always have a philosophy
B. Be Consistent with what you teach
– Choose something you can “sink your teeth into”
– Don’t be a coach that experiments with a philosophy year after year
– If you’re going to teach motion, work through the difficult times
* ”Victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is always an orphan.” – JFK
– Your philosophy needs to be able to withstand good and bad times during the season and during your career
C. Your choice:
“Surprise & Change” OR “Simplicity & Execution” – Pete Newell
– Surprise & Change relies on multiple defenses and patterned offenses
– Not enough time to get good at any one thing
– Simplicity & Execution master a few things very well
– “You win with People” -Woody Hayes
– Offenses & Defenses don’t win, it’s what you teach you players that will determine how good your teams will be
II What it takes to be successful in Motion
– Players must be fundamentally sound
– They must understand HOW to play the game
– Focus all our time on teaching our players how to play
– By teaching concepts and skills our players will improve as the season goes along
A. Difference from Motion & other offenses
– No predetermined movement by the players or the ball
– The basketball moves to the open players
– Set offenses the ball moves to a set position and the players react in their set movements
B. Benefits of Motion
– Flexibility: You can set you offense around different players every year without having to change everything
– Efficiency: To utilize your team’s strengths
– Difficult to defend
– Almost impossible to scout
– Improves you defensive play: Every day in practice you players will have to guard motion concepts instead of patterned movements
– Ability to attack multiple defenses without having to teach new concepts
– Helps develop players
– Fun for players to play
C. Disadvantages of Motion
– Requires a lot of time to master (on the part of the coach)
– Takes time to practice, organize, and prepare players for

We have a new basketball coaching contributor in Mark Chapman He is doing an excellent job in providing basketball coaching clinic notes, basketball drills, and basketball plays. He is the Head Boy’s Basketball Coach at Hamilton Township High School in Columbus, Ohio.

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Jim Boone Motion Offense

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