Findlay Continuity Ball Screen Offense by Jesse Faeth

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We have another new basketball coaching contributor in Jesse Faeth.  He is a volunteer High School coach in Dayton, Ohio.  I think that you will like his basketball plays.







This continuity offense is one that the University of Findlay used during their Men’s Basketball 2009 NCAA Division II National Championship run when they went 36-0. It is an adapted version of the popular Euro Ball-Screen offense and Coach Kowalczyk’s Attacking Ball-Screen offense that he has used at UW-Green Bay and now at The University of Toledo. In order for this offense to work best, guards must like to attack the attack the rim off ball-screens and dribble hand-offs while also having an occasional spot-up 3 point shooter to nail down shots and keep the defense from sagging. It also works very well with 4 and 5 men who may be undersized at their positions, but have better all-around skills to create mismatches on the offensive end.

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Findlay Continuity Ball Screen Offense by Jesse Faeth

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