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Limited Time Offer: The Princeton and Flex Offense Drills

You can use these two offenses to create some good scoring opportunities for your team.

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The Flex Offense is an easy to teach offense, that aims to create defensive unbalance and a mismatch in the opponents’ defense through a flex-cut usually from the wing. If your Center is undersized or if you have a strong forward who is good in screening and teach this offense to your players you can get a lot out of their game.

The Princeton Offense is one of the most widely discussed basketball offenses right now in all levels of basketball. Through constant movement and a good combination of screening and spacing, the Princeton Offense aims to create a good chance for a back door pass or a free shot. Watch more at the video below:

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If you are looking for a good set of notes with drills to teach these two offenses, then for the next 24 hours you can get the “Princeton and Flex Offense Drills“ebook for only $8.95. It contains notes from 92 basketball coaching clinics devoted to these two basketball offenses. With these you won’t only find the information you need about these offenses, but also the drills you need to implement them to your everyday team practice.

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Both these offenses need a high level of discipline and can be implemented to all levels of basketball teams. Although they are ideal for youth teams, different versions of them are implemented in the NBA and European basketball. Coach David Blatt who is now the head coach of the Cleveland Cavs have won the Euroleague with his version of the Princeton Offense.

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