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NABC International October Playbook

NABC International October Playbook by Wes Kosel Attached in this playbook are six plays featured in the October issue of the NABC International Newsletter. These plays were provided by Coach Alan Lambert. The NABC International Newsletter is distributed monthly and includes international updates, coaching information, and international x’s & o’s. To sign up to receive… Continue Reading >>>

How Minnesota Should Use Karl-Anthony Towns and Tyus Jones

How Minnesota Should Use Karl-Anthony Towns and Tyus Jones The Minnesota Timberwolves are looking to have an improved year after going 16-66 last season. 16 Wins was the lowest in the league and good for last place in the Western Conference. Compare that win/loss record with the 1st place Golden State Warriors who went 67-16 in… Continue Reading >>>

5 Continuity Ball-Screen Offenses with Horns Entries

5 Continuity Ball-Screen Offenses with Horns Entries by Wes Kosel Here are five popular ball-screen offenses with horns entries for each. Continuity ball-screen offenses are a great way to build fluidity in your offensive attack. International teams have heavily used the European Ball-Screen Offense in the past and current college and professional teams are using… Continue Reading >>>

Chad Kills Crow Haskell Indians Ball-Screen Offense

Chad Kills Crow Haskell Indians Ball-Screen Offense Attached is a ball-screen offense that Coach Chad Kills Crow used at Haskell when I was there as an assistant coach. The ball-screen offense is derived from the classic European ball-screen offense with side to side ball-screen actions. Coach Kills Crow is currently the head coach at Pawhuska… Continue Reading >>>

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