Quick Hitters Plays by Mark Chapman

Basketball Shooting Drills by Mark Chapman

Basketball Shooting Drills by Mark Chapman

Here are a couple of Basketball Shooting Drills that I took from some high school coaches in our area. They shared them at a conference and have used them successfully with their own teams. These coaches teach up-tempo quick shot types of offenses and they must be efficient in their skills to run it effectively.

1. “7” in a row | Basketball Shooting Drills

Spot 1 = 1 in a row
Spot 2 = 2 in a row
Spot 3 = 3 in a row
Spot 4 = 4 in a row . . . . etc. (1 & 2 with circle represent the 6th & 7th spot)

These positions can obviously be moved to fit the spots on the floor where your players will see the most shots, but the diagram gives you an idea of how the drill was originally explained.

2. Jerry West shooting | Basketball Shooting Drills

This drill helps to teach speed and accuracy from 15’. The drill can be adjusted to use with guards and the 3pt shot but will need to extend the time to 45 seconds. This drill is effective in getting your players to shoot and move instead of watching the shot. Starting point is 10 shots off in 30 seconds but some of your faster more accurate shooters will be able to get 11 or 12 shots. Some days we have our players go strictly for speed to get them sprinting and understanding how fast they CAN go. Other times we go for accuracy, telling them they have to make 6 shots and not really worried about how many shots they take. The goal is to get players to understand how to combine both speed and accuracy into their shooting workouts.

We have a new basketball coaching contributor in Mark Chapman He is doing an excellent job in providing basketball coaching clinic notes, basketball drills, and basketball plays. He is the Head Boy’s Basketball Coach at Hamilton Township High School in Columbus, Ohio. I think that you will enjoy the basketball shooting drills that Coach Chapman gave us.

Basketball Shooting Drills

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Click on the pdf link to download the basketball drills:

Basketball Shooting Drills by Mark Chapman

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