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Don Klaas: Disrupting Opponents with the 1-3-1 Zone Defense

Don Klaas: Disrupting Opponents with the 1-3-1 Zone Defense

Don Klaas: Disrupting Opponents with the 1-3-1 Zone Defense

don klaas

Don Klaas: Disrupting Opponents with the 1-3-1 Zone Defense – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Discover a defense that is energetic, active, and disruptive – and will help your players stay out of foul trouble
  • Learn strategies for adjusting the 1-3-1 to exploit weaknesses or protect against the strengths of an opponent
  • Learn how to easily communicate adjustments so your team can adapt to what the offense is doing
  • Force opponents to prepare for your unique defense

with Don Klaas, former College of DuPage Head Men’s Basketball Coach;
distinguished member of the NJCAA Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame;
Ranks 8th in career wins (813) NJCAA history; 2002 NJCAA Division II National Champions; 2002 National Coach of the Year; 12 North Central Community College Conference Championships
With the 1-3-1 defense, players will commit fewer fouls, you’ll get more players involved in the game, and you’ll force opponents to spend time preparing for your defense rather than working on what they do. Each of these factors gives your team an advantage at game time.

After more than 800 career wins, Illinois coaching legend Don Klaas still has an undying passion for defense, which he demonstrates in this high-energy video. A masterful teacher, he shares the ins and outs of his tough-to-penetrate 1-3-1 zone defense, including multiple variations. Coach Klaas teaches you everything from basic set-up to using a numbering and color system to adjust your defense on the fly – without having to call timeout. When taught the right way, this defense will disrupt and dismantle your opponent’s offensive game plan.

Responsibilities and Rotations
To begin the clinic, Coach Klaas explains his basketball philosophy and what led him to learn, implement and perfect the 1-3-1 zone. Understanding his background gives a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of this defense. He breaks down where to place each player based on his or her skills and attributes. He then breaks down the responsibilities of each position and clearly explains their importance. Without ever seeing even one possession run, you’ll get a good idea of how the defense should work.

One of the most important concepts behind the 1-3-1 is keeping the ball out of the middle, which is achieved by rotating players. But, as Coach Klaas demonstrates, players are not left on an island trying to figure out how to stop the ball from getting to the middle. Each player has a responsibility, which Coach Klaas thoroughly explains.

As the presentation continues, Coach Klaas shows various adjustments for the 1-3-1. Each offensive adjustment is color-coded so that, once learned, you can easily manipulate your defense without calling a timeout. These adjustments and clear communication enable Coach Klaas’ players to quickly change the 1-3-1 to force turnovers, create traps and prevent shots. You’ll also learn four additional variations to stop quick passes to the corner, no passes into the paint, trapping the corner and trapping on every pass. Klaas goes into greater detail using competitive 5-on-5 half-court situations.

Throughout the presentation, Coach Klaas shares valuable coaching knowledge. While the focus of the presentation is the 1-3-1 defense, Coach Klaas’ insights are equally valuable.

If you’re looking for a new way to confuse and attack your opponents, this DVD is a must-have for you.

Produced at the Spring 2012 Las Vegas Clinic.

77 minutes. 2015.

Breakdown Drills for Building the Pack Line Defense

Breakdown Drills for Building the Pack Line Defense

Breakdown Drills for Building the Pack Line Defense

breakdown drills

Breakdown Drills for Building the Pack Line Defense – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Learn how to limit dribble penetration and force low percentage shots
  • Teach your team to effectively closeout to the ball from the help position
  • Train off-ball defenders to take away scoring options in the post
  • Learn to how to defend the pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop while using “pack line” principles

with Saul Phillips, Ohio University Head Coach; former North Dakota State University Head Coach; 2014 Summitt League Coach of the Year; 2x Summitt League champions
Every coach’s biggest defensive challenges are forcing low percentage shots and keeping players out of foul trouble. Saul Phillips’ “pack line” defense has just the right balance of intensity and containment to achieve this goal.

While many coaches use a variation of this defense, Coach Phillips’ presentation focuses less on philosophy and more on practical implementation. Coach Phillips, a former Bo Ryan assistant, takes what he learned from Coach Ryan and other great coaches who used the pack line defense and shows his audience how to implement it through a variety of drills. Regardless of the size of your coaching staff, you will be able to use every drill effectively.

Coach Phillips opens the presentation by explaining why a team should play the pack line defense. By containing the dribble, preventing penetration and keeping the offense out of the paint, the pack line almost assures that the other team will have to consistently settle for shots. Getting these contested jump shots is one of the biggest keys to playing this defense.

Coach Phillips shares a few simple, easy-to-implement drills that help players quickly learn their responsibilities within the defense. These include:

1-on-2 drive. This drill focuses on playing great 1-on-1 defense as well as the basis of the pack line’s success, which is to help defense on dribble penetration.
2-on-2 closeout. Teaching proper spacing and quick weak side help are the focus of this competitive drill.
3-on-3 Shell. While stopping dribble penetration, proper rotations forces the longest pass possible. At the same time, this drill also focuses on the perimeter players’ responsibilities and reactions when the ball is entered into the post.
4-on-4 Shell. In this learning-by-doing drill, Coach Phillips explains proper reactions to a variety of offensive executions, such as America action, floppy action, screen-the-screener action, and pick-and-roll action.
These drills have enabled Coach Phillip’s teams to use the pack line defense to even the playing field when facing more athletic teams.

If you’re thinking about adding the pack line defense to your arsenal, add this DVD to your coaching library today.

Produced at the Fall 2014 Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association Clinic.

51 minutes. 2015.

Open Practice with Greg McDermott

Open Practice with Greg McDermott

Open Practice with Greg McDermott

Greg McDermott

Open Practice with Greg McDermott – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Get a great collection of breakdown drills for building man-to-man defense
  • Learn three different closeouts for taking away opposing players’ offensive capabilities
  • Learn how to use the “ranger drill” to recover against baseline penetration
  • Learn a 4v4 shell that provides offensive variations your defense will face throughout the season

with Greg McDermott, Creighton University Head Coach;
2013 MVC Regular Season and Tournament Champions,
3x MVC Tournament Champions; led team to a school record 29 wins in 2012.
Greg McDermott lets you peek behind the curtain and witness a typical Creighton practice in this 80-minute, on-court demonstration. You’ll see how Coach McDermott addresses every major aspect of the game in balanced fashion as he prepares his team for the season ahead.

Focusing on the defensive end of the court, this practice includes a series of drills that build from basic concepts to larger team strategies. He also has his players demonstrate individual skill drills that are essential to their overall development. Along the way Coach McDermott interacts with the coaches in the audience and gives them his thoughts on some of the drills.

Two great drills launch the defensive segment of this presentation:

Slide, Run and Pivot Drill: In this drill, players work on their defensive slides as they also learn to explode into a move. Balance and footwork are the keys to success both in this drill and in the game of basketball.
Ranger Drill: This breakdown drill teaches proper defensive rotations in a baseline drive-and-kick situation. Players learn to get into their correct defensive positions, take charges and hustle to a block out.
Coach McDermott then works extensively on closeouts. Integrating closeouts into your bigger team defensive concepts is critical as you help your players develop. Two drills are key to his team’s success in this area.

Three Line Closeouts: Coach McDermott demonstrates the three types of closeouts his players must execute in order to be successful. The Kobe, Korver and Rondo closeouts are all different but each has a place in Creighton’s defensive schemes and should be part of yours as well.
Berlin Closeouts: In this drill, players must not closeout to their man, but rather to the correct defensive position.
Team defense is then emphasized in the shell drill. Coach McDermott and his staff discuss each component of the screen defense. Knowing how to deal with down screens, flare screens and stagger screens is essential in helping your team achieve success against screening offenses. Finally Coach McDermott runs some 5-on-5 where we not only get to see the defensive concepts as a whole but also get a peek at some of Creighton’s offensive sets and concepts, including multiple set plays that feature a screen-the-screener action.

On the offensive side of the ball, Coach McDermott shares offensive breakdowns and shooting drills specifically for perimeter and post players. The offensive breakdown stations include:

Guards: One More drill / Shots out of the offense / Game speed cuts.
Forwards: Flips / Figure 8 shooting / Walling up and boxing out.
Coach McDermott’s practice is a great example of how to run a fast-paced, effective and well-balanced practice. You will be inspired to implement several of these defensive drills because they address so many crucial aspects of the game without creating a lopsided practice. In only 80 minutes, virtually every important aspect is covered – from 5-on-5 strategy to a variety of shell drills to individual workouts and more.

Produced at the Fall 2014 Omaha (NE) clinic.

81 minutes. 2015.

Don Showalter: Building Team Culture and Continuity Zone Offense

Don Showalter: Building Team Culture and Continuity Zone Offense

Don Showalter: Building Team Culture and Continuity Zone Offense

continuity zone offense

Don Showalter: Building Team Culture and Continuity Zone Offense – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Get a simple zone offense that forces zone defenses into confusing coverages
  • Learn how to use screening actions to prevent defenders from getting to their assigned areas in time
  • Learn how to create scoring opportunities by disguising your zone offense
  • Learn how to develop a positive culture in your program that will build character in your players

with Don Showalter, Iowa City (IA) High School Head Coach;
USA Development Coach – Coach of the USA Men’s U16 and U17 National Teams (2009-14); back-to-back co-recipient of the USA Basketball Developmental Coach of the Year award (2013-14). This was the sixth-straight year he was named the USA Basketball Developmental Coach of the Year!;
2012 United States Olympic Committee’s (USOC) Volunteer Coach of the Year award; led Team USA to the gold medal at the 2013 FIBA Americas U16 Championships; 6x gold medalist for USA Basketball (2009-2014), undefeated in medal play (2009-2014), 500+ career wins
Don Showalter, a five-time recipient of USA Basketball’s Developmental Coach of the Year award, provides a solid but simple continuity offense that has multiple advantages over several different types of zone defense.

Developing Team Culture Coach Showalter beings his presentation with a detailed explanation of the 4 Cs-culture, comfort, compete and communication-that must be practiced daily in order to develop a healthy culture and a solid basketball program. He also shares 15 player standards to help develop passion and enthusiasm for his program. Players demonstrate Coach Showalters’ “communication circle” activity designed to help them get out of their comfort zone and communicate.

Continuity Zone OffenseMoving to the court, Coach Showalter demonstrates his simple continuity zone offense, which facilitates ball reversal. He explains how players flash into gaps, creating indecision with the defense. This all- purpose zone offense can be executed against 1-2-2, 1-3-1, and 2-3 zone defenses. Coach Showalter also shares several rules to go along with his offense. He shows how to use the dribble and how to screen a zone defense to create indecision.

Coach Showalter demonstrates a 4-high zone offense that involves screening action against the zone. He demonstrates another zone set that’s great to run out of a time-out. This play involves placing two post players on the same side of the floor with a back-pick and lob pass to get easy offense.

Ultimately a successful offense is determined by how you run it. Coach Showalter shares eight excellent zone points, and shows how to disguise your regular zone offense by simply placing players in a double stack to begin the offense.

Top 10 Mistakes High School Coaches MakeThe presentation closes with Coach Showalter’s list of top 10 mistakes made by high school coaches. This list provides tremendous insight on avoiding the mistakes that the average coach makes.

Coach Showalter shares great sets that will allow you to get your best players a shot if you need to score quickly. His concepts on zone offense are beneficial whether you’re attacking a 2-3, 3-2, or 1-3-1 zone defense.

Produced at the Fall 2013 St. Louis (MO) clinic.

67 minutes. 2015.

All Access Basketball Practice with Ryan Looney

All Access Basketball Practice with Ryan Looney

All Access Basketball Practice with Ryan Looney

basketball practice

All Access Basketball Practice with Ryan Looney – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Learn how to develop unique, position-specific skills to help players score off of the actions in your offense
  • Learn how transitioning seamlessly from your fast break into the swing offense can pressure your opponent’s defense
  • Use Seattle Pacific’s “shell drill” to train players to defend the back screens and flex screens in the swing offense
  • Get multiple breakdown drills for installing the swing offense

with Ryan Looney, Seattle Pacific University Head Coach;
2013 Great Northwest Athletic Conference Tournament Champions;
Ended the 2013 season ranked Number 2 in the country
Coach Ryan Looney opens the doors to a Seattle Pacific University practice to show how he has established a culture of tenacious rebounding effort and solid defense. The instruction he shares in this video package demonstrates how to develop the right habits for a highly competitive practice.

Disc 1:
Everything you need to know about implementing and running the swing offense is included in this disc of early season practices. Watch as Coach Looney leads his team through a well-rounded practice with segments on how to teach his swing offense along with drills for shooting and skill development, and breakdown drills for team defense.

The Seattle Pacific coaching staff spends a good portion of this first practice session running the swing offense 5v5 and breaking down the offense into its parts for position breakdown drills. Coach Looney emphasizes the transition offense with drills such as the 21 “continuous and fast break offense.” These drills help condition players to score on the fast break or to transition into the offense.

During the defensive portions of the practice, Coach Looney works his team on defending the swing offense in a 5vs5 shell drill. Emphases include defensive closeouts to the ball and defending the side pick and roll.

Finally, Coach Looney and the Seattle Pacific coaching staff break down the team into guards and post players for skill development and shooting drills.

Disc 2:
In this practice session, Coach Looney shows the hard work and focus that he demands of his players to create a winning program. He builds on the previous practice with an emphasis on transitioning into the swing offense and building up the team defense with break down drills.

Again, the team takes part in breakdown drills for both the swing offense and individual skill development. During the skill development phase, post players work on back-to-the-basket moves and finishing through contact. Guards get shots up with three-man/two-ball shooting.

The Seattle Pacific coaches spend significant time working on defending side ball screens in a 4-on-4 shell drill, with a high hedge by the post player. Coach Looney also shares techniques on defending various other offensive situations, including baseline “stagger” screens and “pin-down” screens.

Coach Looney concludes his practice with a competitive 5-on-5 scrimmage that gives his team the opportunity to bring the day’s breakdown drills into a game-like scenario.

This DVD gives coaches at every level a blueprint for a competitive practice that establishes a culture of toughness, rebounding, and defense.

265 minutes (2 DVDs). 2015.

Dave Odom: Beating Full Court Pressure and Match-Up Zone Defense

Dave Odom: Beating Full Court Pressure and Match-Up Zone Defense

Dave Odom: Beating Full Court Pressure and Match-Up Zone Defense

match-up zone defense

Beating Full Court Pressure and Match-Up Zone Defense – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Install a power press attack that can defeat any type of full-court pressure
  • Defeat any match-up zone using misdirection and baseline screens
  • Learn how to over-power the defense in the post

with Dave Odom,
former Head Coach at the University of South Carolina and Wake Forest;
406 Career wins, 9x NCAA Tournament Appearances, 3x ACC Coach of the Year

Develop an aggressive offensive attack for countering defensive pressure. Dave Odom presents drills and strategies for successfully attacking full court pressure. In addition, you will see a segment how to attack a match-up zone using counter action and baseline screens and cutters to put the defense on their heels.

Attacking Full-Court Pressure (40 mins)
Coach Odom demonstrates build up drills for handling full-court pressure situations with an emphasis on seeing the whole court and getting the ball up the court safely. Odom showcases two press breaks that can be used as an aggressive offensive attack depending on the type of pressure you face. These press breaks allow you to have at least three good passing options open at all times and emphasize moving the ball with the pass rather than the dribble.

Countering the Match-Up Zone Defense (15 mins)
Coach Odom walks you through his match-up zone offense. In this offense, you will see how the use of misdirection and false action can confuse the defense. With baseline screens and the use of cutters, the defense is forced to make a choice between leaving a shooter open or leaving the low post open. Odom shows you how the offense then flows into an overload where it can over power the defense in the post.

This video provides terrific strategies for alleviating defensive pressure. Order this video today and enjoy the success it will bring to your program!

54 minutes. 2015.

Gary McKnight: Building a Championship High School Basketball Program

Gary McKnight: Building a Championship High School Basketball Program

Gary McKnight: Building a Championship High School Basketball Program

Gary McKnight

Gary McKnight: Building a Championship High School Basketball Program – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Discover key elements for developing and managing a championship basketball program
  • Gain insights into working with parents and administration, off-season training, choosing captains, building school pride, and much more
  • Learn how to give your players the best chance of success by adapting your coaching style to their unique qualities

with Gary McKnight, Mater Dei (CA) Head Boys Basketball Coach;
four consecutive California state championships (2011-14) and 11 overall; over 995 career wins; his teams have won at least 30 games 10 straight seasons

Gary McKnight uses his 30-plus years of coaching experience to help you build an outstanding high school program.

Using a lecture-style presentation, he shares leadership ideas and suggestions for creating life-long memories for all members of the program. As a young coach, this presentation can serve as a blueprint to create a successful program from ground up.

Highlights from Coach McKnight’s presentation include:

Adapt your style to your players; find your players’ strengths and capitalize on them.
Develop a positive relationship with administrators and parents of your student athletes.
Set high expectations for strong practice habits but allow room for growth.
Bring out the best in each student athlete with a style of play that helps them improve.
Make sure to set ground rules for the team.
Offer team-bonding opportunities.
Give players a sense of history with a Hall of Fame or Walk of Fame.

Listening to the ideas of a winner is key to success. Understanding how Gary McKnight drives his basketball program provides food for thought for any coaching trying to take his program to the next level. Coach McKnight’s honest conversation is eye opening and provides insights that you might not get while attending a coaching clinic that is focused exclusively on drills.


Tad Boyle: Game-Like Defensive Practice Drills

Tad Boyle: Game-Like Defensive Practice Drills

Tad Boyle: Game-Like Defensive Practice Drills

Tad Boyle

Tad Boyle: Game-Like Defensive Practice Drills – Basketball — Championship Productions, Inc.

  • Use traps to take your opponent’s best player out of the game
  • Build your team’s confidence in getting stops when they need them – especially late in the game
  • See a variety of ways to defend a ball screen from various locations on the court in different situations

with Tad Boyle, University of Colorado Head Coach,
first CU head coach to lead the men’s basketball team to four straight 20+ win seasons and four consecutive post-season tournaments (2011-14)

In this on-court presentation, Coach Tad Boyle shares the key defensive drills that have helped him turn around programs at Northern Colorado and the University of Colorado, including a Pac-12 tournament championship in 2014.

Coach Tad Boyle shares a series of drills that support his philosophy on the defensive end of the court. One of the most valuable lessons he shares is how he scores each drill. Points are almost always awarded for defensive stops. This simple tactic begins the process of learning and buying into the value of a defensive stop.

One of the best drills in the presentation is the “Bubble Drill.” This scrimmage drill gives one team the lead in a late-game situation. The team with the lead must be patient on offense, attempt to get offensive rebounds and must get stops on the defensive end. Communication, effort and a belief in their ability to get a stop are all emphasized in this terrific drill, which gives players confidence that they can win with great defense.

Transition Defense
Another area of emphasis for Coach Tad Boyle is getting back on defense and preventing easy baskets. He shares a transition drill that starts 2-on-1 and builds to a 5-on-5. This build-up drill lets you rehearse every fast-break scenario in one drill to maximize your practice time. It’s another great way to get players to buy in to playing defense in the full court.

Solid rebounding leads to success in basketball. Coach Boyle’s “Circle Drill” places a special emphasis on rebounding skills. While the drill may be familiar to some coaches, the emphasis on boxing out, which is highlighted within the drill, may be less well known.

Throughout the presentation, Coach Tad Boyle clearly explains his drills and his insights on building a program that consistently competes with the best in the country. The information he shares is of value to any coach who wants to take his team to the next level. Seeing how Coach Tad Boyle incorporates his core beliefs into his drills feeds the belief that if you commit to something you can find success.

Produced at the Spring 2014 Las Vegas Clinic.

81 minutes. 2015.