Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors Rip DHO Set Play

Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors Rip DHO Set Play

Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors Rip DHO Set Play

Steve Kerr has done a phenomenal job this year creating an offense that is based off of reads and flows from one action to the other, always staying unpredictable. His utilization of Steph Curry has been a key catalyst in the advancement of their offense, and he has a nice set to allow Curry to free up teammates being the main screener. Normally Curry brings the ball up the floor, but in this set the player they want to try and free up for a layup (often the 3 man such as Barnes or Iguadola) will bring the ball up. The player bringing the ball up will pass to trailing big man and receives a backscreen from Curry, looking to get a layup off the screen is the first option. If the man is covered on the backscreen, Curry then receives a dribble hand off from the big who then rolls to the rim. The second option is great because Curry’s man has to help or at least show to prevent a layup, allowing Curry to come off the dribble hand-off typically unimpeded.

There has already been a lot said about the outstanding job that the Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors have done in his rookie season as an NBA Head Coach. Coach Kerr has had brilliant offensive sets, great understanding of lineups and substitutions, and overall phenomenal utilization o f the weapons he has is what has already made him one of the best coaches in the league.

Lots of people claim that he inherited a good team and that the Warriors’ success this year is mainly because of that. There are some out there that also believe that Mark Jackson did an outstanding job and did not deserve to be fired after the overall solid job he did in his three seasons as the team’s head coach.

The Golden State Warriors were a good team before Steve Kerr got there, but it was Steve Kerr who talked Andre Iguodala into coming off the bench, while instead starting Harrison Barnes at the small forward position. And instead of starting David Lee at power forward, Kerr went with the more versatile Draymond Green, who finished second for the “Defensive Player of the Year” this year.

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Click on the pdf link to download the Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors Rip DHO Set Play:

Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors Rip DHO Set Play

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